Changes to Licensing

Learner & Provisional Licenses

To get your learner license, you must be:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • Pass a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) at a motor registry
  • Prove your identity
  • Pass an eye sight test

New learner licenses will be issued for 5 years.

Learner drivers starting from 1 July 2007 will need to complete 120 hours of supervised driving (including 20 hours of night driving) and hold their license for a minimum of 12 months.

Starting from 19 December 2009, the NSW government will be making the following changes to the NSW Graduated Licensing Scheme:

1. Learner drivers will still need to complete 120 hours of supervised driving (including 20 hours of night driving) in total, but 30 hours will be recorded in the driver�s log book for 10 hours of professional driving instruction.

2. Learner drivers who are 25 years old or over will no longer be required to complete a log book as research shows that older drivers are more inclined to drive safer than younger novice drivers.

Learner Drivers and the Demerit Point system.

Learner drivers face immediate license suspension and confiscation if they drive without a supervisor holding an unrestricted drivers license.

As of 1 September 2008, L and P drivers face immediate suspension and confiscation of license for speeding more than 30km/h over the limit. The minimum penalty for a speeding offence is four demerit points, a fine and a three-month license suspension.

Mobile Phones

Learners, P1 drivers and provisional riders must not use a mobile phone while driving or riding. This includes phones in the hands-free mode or with the loudspeaker operating. You cannot use any function of any mobile phone while your car ignition is switched on. The penalty for mobile phone use is three demerit points and a fine.

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