Pamela Motsi Chabata

Wow!! What can I say!! Lou helped a lot every lesson was perfect. When I first started I was very scared and nervous. Lou calmed me down, talked me through everything never rushed. 2 instructors had told me that I was terrible and I will never make it but Lou proved them wrong. Now I can drive my 2 kids around with confidence.

Kristofer Gadista

Every lesson I had with Louis was a valuable experience, he's very perceptive and immediately helped me improve the necessities without making me lose confidence. I had a great time as well! His coaching was the reason I was able to pass on my first go and I'm very grateful, I implore all people hoping to improve their skill on the road to give him a try. Thanks Louis!

Priyanka David Paul

Lou is extremely patient as an instructor, helping you learn at your pace. His fun, jovial nature keeps a Learner relaxed at the wheel. I would definitely recommend him to anyone on the lookout for a driving instructor!

Karan Sicles

Lou is the ULTIMATE driving coach, Genuinely interested in your success and willing to go an extra mile to prepare you for the roads. He's the best in the west!

Josiane Ghaleb

Would recommend him without a doubt! He is an amazing instructor, flexible with each person's character to get each lesson through and understood. Great service, great quality, great results!!!

James Sara

I got my Ps with Lou and I'm so grateful to have had an awesome teacher! Thanks Lou!

Sunny Joshi

I give full credit to Louis for my score (almost perfect :P) and the license! I did just a couple of sessions with him and I did not drive much in Australia before, yet I made it in my second attempt! Thank you Louis.

Chander Aldana

best instructor ever! Always remember my head checks;) and stay 5 below the speed limit. I only listened to Louis, thanks!

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