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Accredited Driving Instructor coaching you to “ Drive to the Road rules & regulations” in areas from Merrylands to Wetherill Park and other western areas at competitive prices ready for your Driving Test, including Older Driver Assessments (Driving Test)

NSW Government announces, "Learner driver log book hours made easier."

Did you know that 1 hour spent with an accredited driving instructor will count for 3 hours in the learner driver logbook in NSW? This change allows for a maximum of 10 driving tuition hours to be recorded as 30 hours in the logbook. Find out more about the Learner Driver Licensing Scheme.


Lou's Driving School - the safer way to get a driver's licence.

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Once you're behind the wheel by yourself, it can make a huge difference - particularly within the first few months when you're most at risk of having a crash.

The Lou's Driving School Difference


We are committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence in driver training to unlock the potential of our student in a safe and friendly environment.

LOUIS… Driving Instructor

Lou’s a passionate driving instructor ( Merrylands , Wetherill Park and more ) with learners ranging from 16ys to 100 years with excellent reviews on Facebook, instructs you on Simple and Effective techniques saving you time and money, giving you your independence to drive solo sooner than you expect Including coaching you on your driving test. Lou is well know by Testing Officers at Services NSW located at Wetherill Park. You’ll be pleased to know our High Pass rate for driving tests will make you much more confidence. Also teaching and testing Older Drivers (recognised by RMS).


Lou’s Driving School (Merrylands) reputation is solidly based on evidence. Your coaching and mock tests (simulations) will prepare you for your driving test. Familiar with very similar RMS testing areas for Wetherill Park, Blacktown, Liverpool. Older Driver Assessments will be

conducted - Close to where you live.

Rated TOP 25 in NSW

Why was Lou’s Driving School (Merrylands) rated TOP 25 in NSW?

Lou’s extremely knowledgeable, patient, passionate and enthusiastic on passing you driving skills at a cheap rate. Lou continually attends workshops and is evaluated on a regular basis on his coaching skills for life by a professional. Your lesson plan and lesson goals are outlined and regularly evaluated during the lesson. Lou’s Uni degrees and roles in Executive Management have prepared Lou to be a High grade Driving Instructor.

Lou is also accredited in Instructing;
  1. Safer Driver Course (Facilitator & Coach)
  2. Preparing future Driving Instructors
  3. Older Driver Assessment/Testing

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