Lesson packages reduces one of your stressors, as lessons fees are REDUCED to reasonable rates…. Louis has a number of packages to suit your budget and needs. When you purchase a lesson package, you not only receive a discount but it takes the hassle out of having to find cash for each lesson. To avoid embarrassment, please ensure your lesson fees are paid at the end of the lesson.

Standard Lessons

One hour lesson $55.00
1.5 Hour Lesson $80.00
2 Hour Lesson $110.00
Sunday lessons at $90 an hour.


Test Package $200.00
Package includes:
Pick up from nearby area
One hour lesson prior to the driving test
Rental of the car for the driving test
Detailed debriefing of the Driving Test Score Sheet
Return to nearby area

Cancellation Fees

We would like you to understand that it takes time to arrange our lessons and bookings for the driving tests. So we ask that if you have booked a lesson and unable unable to make your lesson please provide us with "1 full working days notice” to avoid a Cancellation Fee. Cancellation fee is the cost of the missed lesson. Keeping this practice in order means we do not need to enforce payments for lessons in advance.

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