Practical Driving Lesson

Driving practice that takes you further

Lou’s Driving School is a comprehensive educational program that covers all aspects of practical driving in a logical, easy-to-absorb way.

Practical driving practice | Lou’s Driving School

The program is unique in that it follows a progressive and logical learning path including real-world driving practice.

What's more, LOUIS will customise your practical driving lessons to meet your skill set. They may implement single lesson plans, or focus on individual topics from a number of lessons to meet your needs.

Each practical driving lesson has 3 key components:

  1. Lesson outcomes: To identify the skills that should be achieved in the lesson and establish the framework for the instruction.
  2. Suitable locations: To provide a range of learning environments suitable to the topics being taught, so you progress with confidence.
  3. Lesson topics: Covering a range of skills you'll need on the road including vehicle control, road rules and low risk driving techniques.

You'll learn over 20 essential and unique driving skills; from braking efficiently to reading heavy traffic, night driving and crash avoidance. You have every opportunity for practice, questions, explanations and feedback during your lessons.

Safer Driving For LIFE

Lou’s Driving School helps you develop safer habits on the road. Unlike regular learn-to-drive organisations, the skills Louis teaches you go well beyond the minimum standard in terms of low risk driving practices and crash avoidance techniques. So what you learn with us will be for life, rather than simply just passing the test. Whether you’ve been driving for 5 days or 50 years, you’ll improve your ability to anticipate hazards and learn the best course of action for any driving situation.

Improve your driving skills with the expert

Low risk driving skills are more important than ever.

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