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Life's Riddle

By Nils A. Amneus

First Edition copyright © 1954 and reprinted 1975 by Thomas Amneus, Los Angeles. Published by Theosophical University Press 1998 (print version also available). Electronic version ISBN 1-55700-131-6. The selection from John Mansfield's Collected Poems, © 1940, The Macmillan Company, is reproduced by permission. This edition may be downloaded for off-line viewing without charge. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted for commercial or other use in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of Theosophical University Press. For ease of searching, no diacritical marks appear in the electronic version of the text.


Chapter I: The Ancient Wisdom

The One Life
The Universe a Living Organism
Duality of Spirit and Matter
Involution and Evolution

Chapter II: The Universe a School of Experience

The Schoolhouse of Nature
The Law of Cause and Effect
Man's Classroom
The Goal

Chapter III: The Unseen Side of Nature

Super Sensory Planes of Existence
Our Senses Limited
A Thought World
Extra-sensory Perception
Many Cross-sections of Consciousness

Chapter IV: Man's Complex Nature

Self-Analysis Difficult
One Ray — Various Aspects
The Human Ego
Man's Inner God
The Mind
Moods, Feelings, Emotions
The Model Body
The Physical Body
Interblending Principles
The Character
Character Building
Man's Self-made Destiny

Chapter V: States of Consciousness

Indirect Method of Study
The Waking State of Consciousness
Going to Sleep
Sleeping — Dreaming
Waking Up
Abnormal States of Consciousness
Deductions Regarding States of Consciousness

Chapter VI: Death — Sleep — Birth

We Fear What We Do Not Understand
Sleep and Death
The Ray of Consciousness Withdraws
The Partnership Dissolves
A Process of Segregation
The Ray Absorbs Its Projection
Rest-period between Earth-lives
Character Seeds
The Ray Re-enters Matter
Physical Body Useful for Physical Existence Only
Our Entrance Indicates Pre-existence
Our Exit Indicates Continuity of Existence
Changing Scenery Does Not Change the Traveler
Trust Nature
Old Age

Chapter VII: Reincarnation

Disimbodiment and Reimbodiment
Existence of Ego Continuous; Self-consciousness of Ego Intermittent
Duality — Individuality — Personality
Reincarnation and the Loss of Memory
Disproportionate Periods of Time
Why Does the Inner God Ever Descend to Lower Planes of Being?
The Symbolism of the Crucifixion
Special Class
Transmigration: Misunderstood and True
Reincarnation through the Ages

Chapter VIII: Karma — The Law of Consequences

Laws Inherent in Nature
Law in Nature
Nature's Laws Must Be Universal
Delayed Effects
"The Nick in the Type"
Agencies Used by Karma
Comments on Chance-Events Based on the Ancient Teachings
Karma and Carelessness
We Make Our Own Destiny
"As Above So Below"
Every Effort Counts
A New Factor Enters
All We Need to Know
Neutralizing or Pre-balancing Karma
Postponing Karma
Karma and the Problem of Free Will
Conflicting Desires
Character Inclines but Does Not Rule
Power of Choice Inherent in Ego
Not Predestination or Fatalism
Theories of Fatalism
A Non-fatalistic Solution
Freedom of Choice Varies
Free Will a Factor in Evolution
Delayed Effects and Free Will
Dual Aspect of Free Will
Good and Evil
Suffering and Adversity as Teachers
"Good" Karma and "Bad" Karma
Karma and Revenge
"Interfering with Karma"
Karma and Forgiveness of Sin
Karma and Mental Healing
"Unmerited Suffering"
Is It Unfair to Suffer for Forgotten Deeds?
Are Delayed Effects Conductive to Wrong-doing?
Karma-Nemesis, and Karma-the-Friend
Karma and Its Companion Doctrines
Karma and the Single Earth-life Theory
Karma and Scientific Proof
The Strongest Proof for Karma
Karma and the Great Religions

Chapter IX: Brotherhood

Brotherhood — A Fact in Nature
Outward Indications of Unity
Indirect Evidence of Unity
The Stumbling Block Is Selfishness
Does Selfishness "Pay"?
An Appeal to the Selfish
Selfishness Reversed
Ethics Based on Nature's Laws
Unity Is the Cause — Brotherhood the Effect
Answers to Some of the Riddles of Life
The Golden Age of Brotherhood

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