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Ecoji 🏣🔉🦐🔼

Ecoji encodes data as 1024 emojis, its base1024 with an emoji character set. As a bonus, includes code to decode emojis to original data.


Ecoji is published to snapcraft.io and can be installed with :

sudo snap install ecoji

Examples of running

Encode example :

$ echo "Base64 is so 1999, isn't there something better?" | ecoji

Decode example :

$ echo 🏗📩🎦🐇🎛📘🔯🚜💞😽🆖🐊🎱🥁🚄🌱💞😭💮🇵💢🕥🐭🔸🍉🚲🦑🐶💢🕥🔮🔺🍉📸🐮🌼👦🚟🥴📑 | ecoji -d
Base64 is so 1999, isn't there something better?

Concatenation :

$ echo -n abc | ecoji
$ echo -n 6789 | ecoji
$ echo XY | ecoji
$ echo 👖📸🎈☕🎥🤠📠🏍🐲👡🕟☕ | ecoji -d

Make your hashes more interesting.

$ cat encode.go  | openssl dgst -binary -sha1 | ecoji
$ echo 🌰🏐🏡🚟🔶🦅😡😺🚆🍑🕡🦞📍🖊🙀🦉 | ecoji -d | openssl base64
$ cat encode.go  | openssl dgst -binary -sha1 | openssl base64

Data encoded with Ecoji sorts the same as the input data.

$ echo -n a | ecoji > /tmp/test.ecoji
$ echo -n ab | ecoji >> /tmp/test.ecoji
$ echo -n abc | ecoji >> /tmp/test.ecoji
$ echo -n abcd | ecoji >> /tmp/test.ecoji
$ echo -n ac | ecoji >> /tmp/test.ecoji
$ echo -n b | ecoji >> /tmp/test.ecoji
$ echo -n ba | ecoji >> /tmp/test.ecoji
$ export LC_ALL=C
$ sort /tmp/test.ecoji > /tmp/test-sorted.ecoji
$ diff /tmp/test.ecoji /tmp/test-sorted.ecoji
$ cat /tmp/test-sorted.ecoji

Usage :

$ ecoji -h
usage: ecoji [OPTIONS]... [FILE]

Encode or decode data as Unicode emojis. 😁

    -d, --decode          decode data
    -w, --wrap=COLS       wrap encoded lines after COLS character (default 76).
                          Use 0 to disable line wrapping
    -h, --help            Print this message
    -v, --version         Print version information.


Libraries implementing the Ecoji encoding standard. Submit PR to add a library to the table.

Language Comments
Go This repository offers a Go library package with two functions ecoji.Encode() and ecoji.Decode().
Java Coming soon, I plan to implement this and publish to maven central unless someone else does.

Build instructions.

This is my first Go project, I am starting to get my bearings. If you are new to Go I would recommend this video and the tour.

# The following are general Go setup instructions.  Ignore if you know Go, I am new to it.
export GOPATH=~/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH

# This will download Ecoji to $GOPATH/src
go get github.com/keith-turner/ecoji

# This will build the ecoji command and put it in $GOPATH/bin
go install github.com/keith-turner/ecoji/cmd/ecoji