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Endangered Species Need Our Help | Dive Into Democracy

Have you ever wondered what that strange-looking fish portrayed in Waterkeeper Alliance’s logo is? It is an Atlantic sturgeon! Atlantic sturgeon have changed so little since the time of the dinosaurs that they are considered “living fossils,” and can get up to fifteen feet in length and live as long as sixty years. These fish ...

Tell Congress: No free pass for CAFOs | Dive Into Democracy

Today, the vast majority of our meat comes from enormous “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” (CAFOs), which often raise thousands of animals in a single structure. This method of raising animals saves companies money but creates many other costs in the form of environmental, health, and animal welfare issues. Despite being industrial-scale operations that produce as ...

Groundwater Monitoring Reveals Widespread Radioactivity at Duke Energy Coal Plants​

Data shows high levels of radioactivity at 11 of 18 plants Today is the deadline for coal-fired power plants to post the results of their groundwater monitoring under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 rule regulating the storage and disposal of coal ash. EPA required such monitoring to determine the extent to which coal ash ...

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