Luke Jenner

General Manager Network Services
Essential Energy

8:55 AM CASE STUDY: Increasing Efficiency of Field Operations by 20- 30% by Utilising Consumer Technology

Essential Energy Services has embraced consumer technology by rolling out 15,000 I pads. The project is focused on regional NSW field workers in a bid to drive up efficiency by 20-30%. By moving away from paper based solutions, centred around posting jobs in courier bags, Essential Energy Services is not just reducing response times but also eliminating back office administrative functions that slow down the process. It will investigate the impact of instant information transfer and the change management program to increase uptake. Another major project milestone is that it is field lead, involving a collaborative effort with field staff to boost adoption.

  • Leveraging I pads and consumer technology to improve efficiency by enabling instant information transfer
  • Creating a roadmap to introduce consumer technology into a paper based scheduling system
  • Creating an effective strategy to communicate and educate field workers
  • Collaborating and partnering with field staff in a field led rollout: Lessons learnt