Self Censorship

Self Censorship

January 19th, 2015

Ape, not monkey goes to TAM! 2013

This will be the first time I’m attending The Amaz!ng Meeting, an annual gathering for Critical Thinkers in Las Vegas.

I’ll also be speaking about this comic strip as part of the Sunday Papers series.  (Sunday July 14th @ 8am).

If you see a bald guy with thick black rimmed glasses, it’s probably me. You can also follow me on twitter: @apenotmonkey.

What I look like when I’m invisible

Using Twitter to determine who the True Messiahs are…

The True Messiah’s should only have followers and not be following anybody.

The TSA: Perception and Reality

An awesome Info Graphic on the cost vs. benefits of TSA Security process.

TSA Waste
Created by:

Last Year’s July 4th Comic

If you missed it, check out last year’s July 4th comic.

Interview with the Author

Jeff Swenson—the talented creator of—has posted an interview with me about Ape, not monkey. If you’re interested in some behind the scenes details, (or some curmudgenly rants) you can check it out here.

Mysticism: What’s the Harm?

More than 300 people died in Indonesia from the volcano.

God’s Pottery

I stumbled upon these guys while doing some research. I think they’re hilarious:

Deceit can only succeed if the deceived party is willing

I do enjoy history

Updated Character Page!

Come see your favorite (or most despised) characters from Ape, Not Monkey in the revamped New Readers page!

Thanks to “Brooks” for the idea.


Oh, the religious.