Each day we receive letters and phone calls from people who are in desperate need for spiritual guidance. They are need of prayer and comfort and in need of a real Jesus. These calls come from many people who watch The Barb Marshall Show. As excited as we are to go national and reach millions more people, the cost is significant.

We currently have two options for donations.

70×20 = 24,000,000

People are searching for truth, especially the millennials. The millennials want to see truth and facts instead of words. Many of them have left or not stepped into a church for a long time. We want to reach out to them and show the way, truth and the life. Our Real Deal show provides raw, authentic, real stories with real answers.

This is the evidence that is being searched for. WE can reach them with real answers through TV, radio, YouTube, and live streaming. A new incredible opportunity has come our way. Vision Media Agent Kim Murray was able to negotiate an incredible new opportunity to air Real Deal on national TV at a much lower price, through DirectTV. The Real Deal would have a prime-time slot with a viewership of 24 million people.

It only takes 70 people X $20 = 2,400,000 million viewership on Direct TV. So little to reach so many.


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Sponsorship Partners

We need sponsors who are passionate about spreading the Gospel to people who have been truly hurt by the traditional Church establishment. Many people we touch are individuals who have left the Church for various reasons. We now know this a day that Christ is doing a new thing. Ministries like ours are learning how to reach people from their living rooms, computers, and mobile devices. We are focusing more intentionally on being relevant to the online user. Reaching those individuals through various mediums requires advertising, PR and modern marketing methods, like social media.

If you are interested in becoming a BarbTV sponsor or Love Your Life Ministries sponsor please contact us at

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