Headlight Restoration Services

Have you noticed your headlights becoming more dull and not working like they used to? If your headlights look cloudy or discoloured and are having difficulty lighting up the road at night then you need to act fast. Not only do discoloured headlights look terrible, they are also unroadworthy!

Any car that is left out in the Australian elements is bound to suffer some damages. The Australian sun is HOT and it doesn’t take long for its UV rays to work their way into your paint, interior, and your now very faded headlights.

Keep your car safe, increase your car’s value, and save money with GNC Mobile Car Detailing’s headlight restoration service.

You don’t need to replace your headlights to get them to look great and function properly again. Our fully insured and professional team can restore your headlights, give them back their shine, and make them look new again. We will remove any oxidised UV coating that is currently on your lense and replace it with a new innovative UV protective coating.

Our headlight restoration works on all types of headlight lenses and any vehicle that has them. We will come out to your home or business while you relax, and when we’re done you won’t believe your eyes. In fact, you will probably think we’ve put new headlights in!

Our clients trust us to the job done right, and we promise to never waste your time or your money! We simply want to make sure you stay safe, increase the value of your car, and help you save some money while you’re doing it.

Improve Your Safety

There is a reason why cloudy and discoloured headlights are considered unroadworthy in Australia. Depending on the extent of the damage, cloudy headlights can reduce your vision while driving at night by 50% (and sometimes even more!). It’s time to stop compromising your safety and make sure you can trust your car to keep your family from point a to point b.

Increase Your Car’s Value

Yellow headlights detract the value of your car. Not only is it unsafe, it also ruins the appearance of your investment. A headlight restoration will increase the resale value of your car, and actually enable it to pass roadworthy incase you choose to sell it.

Save Your Money

At GNC Mobile Car Detailing, headlight restoration can save you money in many ways. It can prevent you from receiving a fine for having unroadworthy headlights. We can save you time off work by working around your schedule at no extra charge. And, we can save you the money of a headlight replacement.

If your headlights wouldn’t pass a roadworthy then it’s time to stop risking your life!
Call us today for a free headlight restoration quote.