Overspray Removal

If you have recently had a panel repair, repainted, bought a new car, or left your car near someone who is painting, chances are your car has collected some overspray. Overspray occurs when any non-water soluble airborne particles land on an area of your car that they were not intended to land on. When these overspray drips land on your vehicle’s paint or glass it can seem like there is nothing you can do. However, our team has several years of experience in successfully removing unwanted overspray and leaving your car’s paint looking better than ever.

Our team is overspray removal expert, and has worked on cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. We can get your car’s paint looking like it did before any overspray found its way onto places it shouldn’t.

New Paint

Whether you have just bought a new car or spent some time investing in a classic, new car paint always looks stunning. That is, until you look a little closer. Sometimes even the best car painters can accidentally get overspray on car panels that paint shouldn’t be on. If you have noticeable overspray on your car’s paint, don’t worry, you don’t need to get it repainted. Our team can safely remove any overspray without damaging your car’s new look.

Panel Repairs

You’ve already been through a lot with your car, whether you were in an accident recently or just finally getting that dent fixed. When you finally get your car back the last thing you want to do is have to send it back to have the repaired panel and surrounded sections replaced because of overspray. Our process can help your panel repair look natural and the surround areas look unaffected.

Did you know that overspray removal is not just limited to airborne paint particles?

Organic Substances

When parked under a tree you leave your car vulnerable to tree sap falling and embedding itself in your car’s paint. Our overspray removal process will also remove any stubborn tree sap or gifts from nature that normal washing can’t.

Acid Rain

Acid rain can also corrode your car’s clear coat and cause stains to appear on your paint. This type of problem requires the help of a professional as it generally will not come out with a normal wash.

Concrete Splatter

If you live or work around construction sites, a common problem you might be aware of is concrete travelling from trucks and barrels and landing on your car. If this is not removed within 30 minutes it creates a bond with the car and becomes very difficult to get rid of. Removing this without professional help can only cause more damage to your paint. Our professional products and techniques can remove concrete splatter without a problem.

If you are considering repainting your car, think again! We can safely remove any type of airborne particles that have contaminated your paint. Our overspray removal can save you thousands.

Our trained specialists use only the safest techniques and, as car detailers, we know how to get your car to shine without using any abrasive materials or brushes that could damage your clear coat.

Call us today and get rid of all of your unwanted overspray. Your car deserves to be in mint condition.