Winter Car Detailing – The Cold Hard Facts.

Washing your car in winter certainly is not as much fun as it is in the warmer summer months. The fact is however, our cars still need to be maintained, washed and detailed regularly, regardless of how cold it is outside. With winter upon us, the team at GNC Car Detailing figured it was the perfect time to help you out with some tips for your DIY winter car cleaning.

Winter Car Detailing – Professionals Make It Easy.
If you really can’t stand the thought of getting wet and cold in winter, using the services of a professional car detailing company like GNC is an obvious choice. Our professional team will take care of the job for you, so you don’t have to. If however a professional car clean is out of the question here are some tips you can take into consideration and which will make your winter car cleaning job more bearable.

Car Protection In The Winter Chill.
In Australia, we’re pretty luck to experience comparatively warm winters, but depending on where you live, the chill can still set in and the colder it is, the less likely you are to feel like washing your prized possession – the car. Unfortunately, rain, snow or freeze, our cars still need to be kept clean.We all know that in order to get your car washed properly you’re going to have to use water, and it’s likely you’ll get wet. If you don’t have a garage where you can wash your car without freezing in the process, the odds are already stacked against you. Either way, clean you must.

Duck For Cover.
It may seem obvious, but cleaning your car under cover will get you out of the cold elements and make your car cleaning job much more pleasant. Don’t have a garage to clean your car in? If being out in the elements is too much for you this winter, you could consider calling in a favour and washing your vehicle in a friend’s garage. At least this way, you’ll stay mostly dry and warm when you give your car the spruce it deserves.

Automatic Car Wash Considerations.
If using a friend’s garage to clean your car is out of the question and your vehicle needs a clean in the cold, you can consider using car wash facilities which utilise automatic brushless car wash machines. Be aware however, that you are not likely to get the good quality clean that is best for your car in an automatic car wash facility. Our professional team do not recommend the use of brush based automatic car cleaning services since they are bound to leave swirl marks on your car, or at the very least micro surface damage.
Automatic car wash facilities generally use very strong car was detergents, and while these strong solutions may remove dirt and grime more easily from your car’s surface, it also depletes any surface protectant you’ve applied to your car.

Use Protection.
Surface protectant is always recommended to ensure your car paint is protected from the elements. You should use car surface protectants more frequently during colder winter climates. The use of spray or surface car wax after your car wash will help to protect your car from harsh winter climate and prevent from vehicle surface damage.

If In Doubt – Seek Help.
Professional Car Cleaning and Detailing is GNC Car Detailing’s specialty. If you have any questions regarding your car cleaning job, or if you’re unsure about getting wet and cold and having to put up with DIY car washes, contact us today for help. We’ll help your car to sparkle during the winter months and take the chill out of your winter car cleans.