Are You Washing Your Car – Or Scratching It?

Professional Car Cleaning Tips and Techniques.

We all know that car detailing and professional car cleaning is the best way to go, but there will probably be times when you can’t make it to a professional car detailer and you need to give your car a once over yourself. Whether you’re a car fanatic or just need to remove the built up dirt on your family or work car – it’s important to go about your car cleaning job the right way to avoid scratching your car’s surface.

At GNC Car Detailing, we’ve seen just about all kinds of DIY mistakes when it comes to car cleaning and detailing. One of the most common causes of vehicle damage that we see, is surface scratching due to poor cleaning, drying and polishing techniques. Scratches caused by cleaning and polishing your car incorrectly can prove to be unsightly and costly to repair, but they are easily avoided.

We’re dedicated to helping you keep your car in top notch shape, so we’ve put together some basic tips to help you avoid damaging your car when you’re doing a DIY clean and detail.

Tip One
The Right Cleaning Products, Solutions and Materials.

Before commencing your DIY car clean, you’ll need to make sure you have appropriate, quality cleaning products, solutions and materials. Generally, the cheapest products won’t give you a great clean and taking shortcuts may actually result in surface damage to your car. If you need guidance and information regarding which car cleaning products are best for your car, the professional team at GNC Car Detailing can help you out.

When selecting your car cleaning cloths and hand mitts, choose products which are specifically designed to be gentle on your car’s surface, but which still have the capacity to remove dirt, grime and build up without scratching. Plush, soft fibres such as microfiber or lamb’s wool are a good choice.

Wash solutions can vary greatly and some readily available products won’t give you the finish you desire. It’s a good idea to ask your professional car cleaning company which car cleaning solutions they recommend. That way you’ll know that the products you’re using won’t damage your car’s surface or leave you with an unsightly finish.

Depending on which car wash solution you choose, you’ll either need clean running water to rinse your cleaning solution off, or you’ll need two buckets of clean water (one filled with car cleaning solution and one with fresh water). If you’re using two buckets of water, rather than running water and hose, the best idea is to ensure your rinse bucket has a guard or grime trap in the bottom of the bucket to allow the water to settle and the bucket to capture dirt and grit.
You’ll also need an appropriate drying mitt or towel and a polish cloth. Again, if you’re unsure of which products to use, the team at GNC can help.

Tip Two
Where And When To Clean.
Our team are eco conscious, so when you’re cleaning your car at home, we always recommend washing your car on the grass and using ecofriendly products which are not harmful to the environment. To avoid frustration, it’s important to ensure you have room to move and access to clean running water. Finally, consider how much time you have to ensure your car is cleaned properly. Rushing to fit a DIY car clean into you lunch break or in any tight time frame is likely to result in a stressful, rush job with poor results or car surface damage.

Tip Three
Regular Cleans.

Using the right products can actually prolong the life of your vehicle and protect your car’s surface in between washes but regular washes are still important. GNC Car Detailing recommends washing your car regularly (at least once a week) to avoid surface build up, damage and deeply embedded substances.

Many contaminants like animal droppings and plant substances such as sap, leaves and pollen will damage your car’s paint surface almost immediately upon impact and will continue to damage your car’s surface until removed completely.

If DIY car cleaning is your preferred method of keeping your car clean, we recommend a professional, additional clean as often as possible in addition to your home car care. The Professional team at GNC will ensure your car is maintained, cleaned and protected so its’ aesthetic, appeal and value is maintained. Our cleaners are all trained and qualified and we guarantee our work, so you know you’re in good hands and will get a high quality car finish and peace of mind, every time.

Tip Four
Washing Technique.
You should always rinse off excess dirt and grime from your car’s surface before applying washing solution. After giving your car the once over and rinsed all you can off, it’s time to get stuck into the clean.

It’s best not to fall in the trap of cleaning your car from the easily reached bits first. There’s no point in cleaning one section, only to have to go over it again when more dirt washes over it! Always start from the top of your car and work your way down to the bottom. Working from the top down means all dirt will be washed downward and cleaned surfaces will remain clean. You’ll often find there is more dirt, mud and brake particles on the lower sections of your car, which is another reason to begin your clean at the top – the roof.

We recommend washing your vehicle with long, and gentle strokes. Ensure you apply only minimal pressure to your car’s surface and rinse off cleaning solution immediately after you’ve cleaned each section.

Tip Five
Don’t Forget To Dry.

While water is necessary for cleaning your car, drying the water off after each clean is equally as important. Many people whizz through a car cleaner or DIY car clean job without bothering to dry their car off afterward because they don’t realise that water residue will eventually result in surface damage and discolouration. For easy and thorough water removal, we recommend using a chamois cloth followed by a microfiber cloth. Again, gentle pressure and long strokes should be used from the top of your car to the bottom.

Tip Six
Ask The Professionals.
If you’re unsure about DIY car clean, it’s always best to talk to the professionals. The team at GNC know all there is to know about professional car detailing, so, whether you have a question, require tips or if you’ve decided to book your car in for a profession clean and detail after all – we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information.

Happy Cleaning from the team at GNC Car Detailing.