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Areas of Specialisation

Multiflow Plumbing specialise in unblocking drains and pipes, varying from a simple blockage to cracked/ broken pipes. We offer a friendly and reliable service to all of our customers. 

Our service provides a 24 hour emergency service as well as providing a comprehensive range of drainage services to all commercial, industrial and domestic properties including new/old homes, factories, schools and restaurants. 

To unblock drains we use a technique call high pressure water jetting. This is where a hose is propelled by water into the sewer line at 5070 PSI pressure. As the hose runs through the pipe, powerful forward and reverse jets of water clean the sewer line, restoring it to like brand new.

With the use of our closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) services, more commonly known as Drain Pipe Cameras, we are able to prevent problems before they happen. Camera inspection takes away the guessing work from diagnosing blocked sewer or broken drain problems. It allows us to view the interior of the piping to expose damaged sections or fittings, providing us with visual accuracy. We are often able to offer a repair solution rather than total replacement.

Our electronic pipe location equipment is used to pinpoint clogs in sewers and drains. It doesn’t matter whether it is located underground, within concrete slabs or inside walls, we can find it. The location and it’s depth can be pinpointed minimizing excavation or wall damage. 

To accomplish this, we use transmitters and microphones to locate the blocked sewer or drain and aid the cleanout process for sewer cleaning.

Below are the BEFORE and AFTER shots using our specialised equipment