ASIO Link Pro 


The first ASIO driver to mix WDM audio into ASIO! The first ASIO driver to make multi-client support simple! This unique ASIO audio mixer driver adds tremendous new functionality to your audio interface ASIO driver for multi-client support, WDM audio routing and audio over IP.


  • Extremely high performance for Pro Audio apps
  • Zero added ASIO latency
  • 64 IN + 64 OUT virtual ASIO channels
  • 32 IN + 32 OUT WDM audio channels
  • 16 IN + 16 OUT network audio channels
  • Multi-client mode means ASIO for up to 25 apps
  • Works without internal WDM or ASIO audio resampling
  • Record lossless 8 channel audio to FLAC file
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Route audio to/from WDM/MME/DirectSound/WASAPI and LAN/NET


Download the ASIO Link Pro installer


Download the ASIO Link Technology pdf documentation.


Until registered, the ASIO Link sound cuts out for 5 seconds every minute so, when you are happy with ASIO Link, please purchase a license with one of the payment options to the right. The license will allow use on two machines and can be transferred.

Purchase ASIO Link Pro for $89.95 AUD

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With ASIO Link you can

  • Send DAW ASIO output to screen casting software
  • Use multiple ASIO applications at the same time with multi-client mode
  • Send DAW ASIO output to input of another DAW
  • Listen to windows audio while running your DAW with ASIO
  • Use a 32bit ASIO driver from 64bit applications with multi-client mode
  • Route audio anywhere at all!

ASIOLogo.jpg ASIO Technology by Steinberg. ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.