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Hurting states to spite Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, have made a big mistake. As the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate they encouraged “resistance” to the Republicans, especially the Republicans in the Trump administration. That has meant only opposition — no compromise or negotiation. The result is shown in the new tax laws, which had no Democratic input or support.

Sessions, keep investigating

The justified firing of seditious former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has brought the rats out of hiding and into the light of day (” ‘Lack of candor’: Reason for firing McCabe one of most serious in FBI,” Web, March 18). John Brennan, who abused the privacy rights of American citizens and the ever-corrupt Samantha Powers have now weighed in on the McCabe firing. Not out of a sense of honorable duty, but more than likely because they now realize their own crimes expose them to criminal prosecution.

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It is time to say goodbye and good riddance to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). There are better ways to spend the $70 billion that SNAP receives. I don't believe the box-food program would work as a replacement, though. The poor and disabled who use SNAP would be better off using food pantries for their food needs.

No peace without justice

A "peace treaty" between President Trump and "Glorious Leader" Kim Jong-un that ignores the human rights abuses in North Korea is meaningless. That issue must be addressed in any talks of peace.

Wind energy worth the birds

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is concerned about the number of birds killed by wind turbines ("Zinke says Interior should be a partner with oil companies," Web, March 6). However, Mr. Zinke might be surprised to know that the National Audubon Society "strongly supports properly sited wind power" as a way to address climate change. Proper siting means avoiding migratory pathways and environments that could harm endangered species.

Model democracy with term limits

The Chinese dictatorship is getting ready to eliminate term limits for its leader. Without term limits President Xi Jinping can rule for as long as he likes — just like Mao Zedong and the emperors. I am a big supporter of term limits. I think all elected officials should be limited to either one or two non-consecutive terms. Our president can prove that he is against authoritarianism and Communism and a supporter of democracy by limiting himself to one term.

Let true free trade reign

Donald Lambro slammed President Trump's announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports ("There's nothing conservative about trade protectionism," Web, March 8). Yes, we all understand the "free trade" orthodoxy that a country benefits from having no tariffs even if its trading partner imposes tariffs on imports into its own country. But it is equally true that both countries benefit even more if neither country imposes tariffs — what Mr. Trump calls "fair trade."

No more unfair free trade

Conservative economists just don't get it ("Trump's really bad idea," Web, March 6). Free trade is only free when normal market dynamics are in effect. Once a nation's government intervenes with production subsidies or its own excessive import tariffs, there is no longer equitable "free trade."

'Deathless' meat the answer?

Regardless of what one thinks of the sci-fi thought experiment of cruelty-free cannibalism, there really shouldn't be any debate over the benefits of growing real animal meat without animals ("'Soylent' Dawkins? Atheist mulls 'taboo against cannibalism' ending as lab-grown meat improves," Web, March 6).

Obama cronies not above law

We need a big push to make sure Obama-era officials are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their attempts to thwart the efforts of Congress and the State Department inspector general to hold them accountable.

Reassignment surgery effective

Contrary to your reporting in "Skeptics urge caution as transgender surgeries skyrocket" (Web, March 5), there is a scientifically based consensus among medical experts and researchers that transition-related surgeries are safe, effective and medically necessary.

School not always best teacher

Aram Bakshian's review of Bryan Caplan's book, "The Case Against Education: Why the Education System is a Waste of Time and Money" ("The educator has no clothes," Web, March 7) is on the money.

Drive 'progressive' media out

The left has a full-court press going on to do away with the right of Americans to own firearms of their own choosing. Well, the time has come to silence the "progressive" media outlets that have long provided cover for the felonies committed by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Lois Lerner and many others from the political left.

Free speech can't be 'zoned'

As a retired State University System of Florida faculty member, I applaud the Florida legislature for banning those ridiculous "free speech zones" and returning state public-university campuses to their longstanding and traditional role of providing the opportunity for students to explore the life of the mind.

Drop investigation now

The Mueller investigation needs to stop. Its original purpose has been proven false by the Mueller team itself. This is no longer an investigation, but now a full-blown soft coup into undermining an elected president because the Washington establishment didn't like our vote.