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Dunk Tank

This Dunk Tank can fit almost anywhere you can think of having it. Front or backyards are not a problem. It comes with 4 softballs, all you have to provide is the water. This item is perfect for school functions, sports teams, company picnics, fundraisers, church events, or any kind of fun gathering. Please allow at least 30 to 45 minutes to fill the tank with water. The rental period is for up to 6 hours.

Please note that there may be an additional HAUL IN of $75.00 fee for places that requires us to haul in these items further than 25 feet from the curbside of delivery point. We will not deliver this unit to an area that has any stairs for accessibility or narrow path and walk ways.

$250.00 – 6 Hour Rental


Operation of dunk tank

1. Make sure that the setup area is flat and level.

2. After assembly of the dunk tank, fill tank with water (appx. 500 gallons).

3. Set up target arm and release trigger mechanism.

4. Set up target backdrop.

5. Test target/trigger mechanism to be sure this item is operating properly (do this step several times to familiarize yourself with the operation of the dunking systems.

Safety Rules

1. Adult Supervision is required at all times

2. Keep Dunk Tank away from electricity or electrical sources.

3. Keep water level filled to at least 8″ from top of tank.

4. Never leave a filled Dunk Tank unattended by an adult.

5. When tank is unattended, always drain water.

6. Keep all non-swimmers and anyone less than 5′ tall out of tank.

7. The person being dunked must wear appropriate clothing

8. To keep from slipping, you may wear tennis shoes or water shoes.

9. Advise dunkee to move towards the front of the tank when coming up out of the water to avoid hitting head on the seat.

10. Only one person at a time allowed on the seat or in the tank.

11. Never use baseballs or other hard balls.

12. Never stand on seat.

13. When sitting on the seat, keep hands on knees and sit forward.

14. Do not hit target with hands, dunkee may not be ready.

15. Do not operate the Dunk Tank during a storm.

16. Do not use alcohol or drugs while operating or using this dunk tank.

17. Persons with physical or mental impairment should not be permitted on the dunk tank.

18. Maintain water quality by changing water frequently.

Power Generator Disclaimer

Power Generators are not included when renting any Inflatable unit. We do have Power Generators available for an additional rental fee. It includes a full tank of fuel that should last the entire rental time, and under certain conditions. If your event is being held at a location that does not have electrical services, please be sure to RESERVE a power generator for your inflatable unit rental.

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