Artist Application Form

Artist Application Form

2019 Illawarra Folk Festival Expression of Interest to Perform, 17-20 January 2019

General applications close midnight 30 May 2018
Before completing the form below please make sure you visit the Guidelines for Artist Applicants page first! It will provide information that may help you decide whether you should apply to perform at the 34th Illawarra Folk Festival at Bulli. There is information about artist selection criteria, fee advice and artists' responsibilities. 

Youth artists (U25) close 30 September 2018
Please note youth artist applications are for a chance to play a 30 minute set in the Youth Concerts on Friday or Saturday of the festival. Youth performers will receive a free Day Pass. Youth performers under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent. One free parent pass will also be issued. Link to the form is at the end of this page.

For any further information please contact:
David De Santi
Artistic Director

Artist Application Form - Instructions

This is an electronic form.

Please fill in each appropriate section then click on the REGISTER NOW button at the bottom of the form.

We've provided instructions for each question, so please read them. When you click on the REGISTER NOW button, our website will check the form, then send it to us.

If you supply an email address, then we'll send you a confirmation of your registration. Please check that you've given us your correct email address.

Artist Application Form

Please CAREFULLY read each section below in bold and provide your information in the boxes provided.

1. ARTIST NAME - Please provide the name of the Artist. This is the group's name or your name if you're a solo artist. Examples: "Neptune & The Sirens" and "Fred Flintstone".

Are you applying for a Youth Folk concert spot on the Friday or Saturday of the festival? YOU CAN SEE MORE DETAILS HERE.

2. CONTACT NAME - Please provide the contact name for the Artist or your name if you're a solo artist. Example: "Fred Flintstone".

3. CONTACT ADDRESS - Please provide the contact address for the Artist.

4. CONTACT PHONE - Please provide the contact phone number(s) for the Artist. Please include area code. Please include country code if outside Australia.

5. CONTACT EMAIL - Please provide the contact email address for the Artist. Example:

6. WEBSITE - Please provide your website address if you have one. Example:

7. ARTIST SAMPLES - Please provide your MySpace / Reverbnation / Soundcloud address if you have one or a website with MP3 samples of the artist. Example:

8. ARTIST RESPONSIBILITIES - Please read the Artist Responsibilities outlined below and indicate below that you accept them. PLEASE NOTE that you MUST select that you DO ACCEPT by clicking on the appropriate radio button below:

  • Artists accept responsibility for their own Public Liability Insurance. When performing you are a Festival service provider and as such are not covered by the Festival's public liability insurance.
  • We suggest investigating insurance options with Folk Alliance Australia see and follow the link to INSURANCE. You need to be or become a member of Folk Alliance Australia.
  • Artists also accept all responsibility for their Tax Obligations Superannuation and WorkCover requirements.
  • Artists are to provide their own equipment including guitar amps and drum kits. The festival will assist with transport around the festival.

9. STYLE/GENRE - Please state the style instrumentation, numbers in the act and content..

Examples: "World Music 5 singer/musicians playing hurdy gurdy charango djembe concertina saxophone", "Mexican Dance Group with 20 dancers and 4 musicians playing trumpets bass guitar", "Childrens artist with traditional songs and games", "Traditional style singer songwriter", "Bluegrass 2 guitars mandolin bass drums", "Bush Band with 4 members bass accordion fiddle guitar", "Union Choir singing political songs 20 members"

10. BIOGRAPHY - For our programme booklet please provide some information about the artist. You can provide a contact phone number or email address for inclusion too.

11. SUITABILITY - Please state how you would suit the festival remembering the style of music the festival wants to provide. Mention other performances at Folk Clubs Festivals or similiar events.

12. HELPING OUT AT THE FESTIVAL - It is really appreciated and highly regarded if artists also offer to help during the festival. Performers tend to be good at Venue Managing and MCing.

13. PERFORMANCE TYPE - Please describe the length and type of performances you can provide.

14. PERFORMANCES - Please provide the number of performances you would like and their length. In general the festival will program up to 3 or 4 performances per act usually a combination of concerts workshops and theme concerts over the 4 days of the festival. In general concerts vary between 30 to 60 minutes workshops 45 to 60 minutes dance demonstrations 20 to 30 minutes.

Examples: "3 performances of 60 minutes each 1 x 60 minute workshop", "3 performances of 45 minutes 1 x childrens concert 30 minutes", "3 dance workshops 60 minutes each", "3 dance demonstrations 30 minutes each 1 x 45 minute workshop"

15. FESTIVAL DAYS AVAILABILITY - Festival starts in earnest from Thursday afternoon with a couple of venues. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be fully programmed. Please specify when you are available each day. It is expected that artists will be available for the whole festival. Remember the more flexible you are with availability the better the chance to be utilised by the festival programmer.

If not available all Festival please list times below - examples: "After 11am", "Between 12noon and 10pm"

16. Folk Music School

The festival arranges 1 hour workshops as part of a Folk Music School held on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the festival week. See: Let us know if you would be able to offer any workshops for it and what types. There is an additional fee of $80 per workshop presented. In general workshops are of 1 hour duration

Examples: “Mongolian throat singing”, “Playing the saw for beginners”, “Autoharp intermediate, beginner levels”, “Asturian bagpipe tunes”


Please give us an idea what you would like in regards to accommodation. We can offer free campsites for artists and their families (children U18). We are able to offer interstate and international artists pre-erected tents with basic bedding for 2 persons in each tent to save carrying that gear! The tents include an air mattress, sheets, pillow and blanket for each person. Limited billets may be available in homes around the Wollongong region. Please provide your request below.

Examples: "3 campsites for 6 persons – THU/FRI/SAT/SUN", "2 Artists Tents for 4 persons - FRI/SAT", "Billet accommodation for 2 doubles, 1 single, if available SAT/SUN/MON", “1 caravan site, 1 artist tent and 2 campsites for 4 people THU/FRI/SAT”, 


18. REMUNERATION REQUESTED - In general minimal fees and expenses are provided.

PLEASE INCLUDE ALL TRAVEL COSTS and GST in the fee if applicable and select a payment option below.
NB. Tickets for partners and children are NOT provided and will be available at Family Rates. You may want to take these costs into account when providing the fee request in the application form. Check for the rates. Please provide a realistic amount INCLUDING GST and all travel costs.

Please note that if you are applying as a Youth Artist then no fee will be paid. Day passes only will be provided. Youth artists U18 will also be provided with a parent Day pass as well.
It is very difficult to allocate multiple performance spots for local folk music artists. However the festival likes to support local folk music artists. If you are interested in performing a single spot of between 30 and 60 minutes please click the selection below and if you would like to request a fee then do so in the next question. The festival will allocate Day Passes for the performers as minimum remuneration.
If you are a local artist (Illawarra region) please provide a preferred fee here if you were offered one gig (between 30 and 60 minutes) at the festival.

19. PAYMENT - Payment will be made by cheque or direct deposit. Please select one option and nominate the name to which the cheque is to be made payable or Bank Account details.

20. ANY FURTHER INFORMATION - Have you got anything more to tell us?

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