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About the Game

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy (Spies) is the first project the ONIGAME Team is working on. The game is a remaster and sequel of Vicious Cycle Software's Spy vs. Spy (2005). Spies will include additional content, levels and features as well as a graphical upgrade. It is based off of DC Comics' MAD series Spy vs. Spy, originally created by Antonio Prohias. The company has already signed onto the rights to use any material related to the original Spy vs. Spy universe and must complete the development of the game before October 2019.

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy will feature various game modes such as Story, Modern and Classic, in which the player can choose and customize their own spy and compete against other spies. Each mode, excluding the Story mode, will support up to four players, split screen or online. Story mode will support two players. In-game maps will have a specific structure similar to the old game. Each map will have four obstacle challenges, like the falling bridges from the Mansion or the oil slide from the Oil Rig. At the beginning of each challenge, there will be traps activated by levers. The traps cannot be activated if the player sneaks past it or if the player takes a long or more dangerous route around it. Each challenge will end in a room with four safes (that can be rigged with traps by other spies) that can contain either money, perks or one of the four secret items per room (in Modern mode). The safe rooms will have one-way doors that allow spies to return to the central area without passing the obstacles twice. The Classic mode, on the other hand, has its own maps. Other modes, including Modern, re-use the Story maps with slight variation.  

In Story mode, the player may choose between one of the four spies to play as (Black, White, Red or Blue). In Multiplayer, the second player will have the choice between Red Spy or Blue Spy if the first player chooses either Black Spy or White Spy and vice versa. Black Spy and White Spy, and Red Spy and Blue Spy always oppose each other. For the most part, the Story mode consists of a variety of missions on each map, with objectives in the form of telegrams from the embassy which guide/instruct the player to pass through all four safe rooms by the end of it, fight off enemies, and engage with the opposing spy or spy team. By the end, the player(s) will have to fight off a boss unique to each map and escape in some unusual way. Weapons, traps and utilities can be purchased from the hideout with money collected from defeated enemies or safes in the safe rooms. Selected items such as weapons, traps and utilities, and new maps are unlocked by finishing each mission. More weapons, traps and utilities, as well as furniture and skins can be purchased from the main menu using money acquired in the Story and other game modes.  

Classic mode is similar to the good old days of Spy vs. Spy on NES. Each Classic map is a building with multiple stories, a randomized layout and a varied number of rooms. Each room contains a random number of safes that may or may not contain one of the four items, plus the suitcase that will enable the spy to hold more than one item. The spy that collects all the items and escapes to the roof through a marked door before the time limit wins. All held items are automatically hidden in a nearby safe when another spy enters the room and engages in combat. The traps can be used without limitation and utilities that disarm traps can be found across the building, but only one is available at a time. Med-kits are placed around the building and are used instantaneously. The bat is the only weapon available and is automatically equipped when two spies enter the same room.

Modern mode re-uses story mode maps with slight variation. Spies have to collect four secret items, each providing unique abilities. The spy that collects all items and escapes wins.

Most of the other modes consist of a competition between the participating spies re-using the Modern mode maps. Some of the modes available include Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, Money Race, Item Race and more. A few special modes such as Board Spies and Minigolf are also available. In Item Race, the spy who reaches the set money limit and escapes wins. Item Race is a variation of Modern mode because there are four copies of items in each safe room and each spy has to get one of each and escape before any other spy in order to win. Board Spies is a digital variant of the Spy vs. Spy board game.

In addition, the game will feature customizable spies, like it's predecessor, but with extra items and brand new features. Players can now customize their hideouts to their liking by choosing and moving different furniture around, setting skins, wallpapers and materials, positioning the door and selecting a corridor type (staircase or straight hallway). A few items are mandatory and therefore included in the beginning, such as the store, the healer and the security. The security cannot be relocated or removed but can be skinned, and the attack type, such as electricity, fire, laser, bullets, etc., can be chosen.

The game will also features a Cheat menu, through which players can unlock anything, from maps to items to other functionalities, that may or may not be available by playing through the game.

Developer: ONIGAME Team

Engine: Unity3D

Genre: Platformer

Release Date: March 2019


  • Linux

  • PlayStation 4

  • PlayStation Vita

  • Xbox One

  • Nintendo 3DS

  • Nintendo Switch


Original Maps

A feature that gives the player the chance to unlock the original maps designed by Vicious Cycle Software will be available. 

Original Storyline

A feature will give the player the chance to unlock the original missions the way they appeared in the original Spy vs. Spy game.

Original Modes

All the modes from the original game will be preserved in the remake.

Original Items

All weapons, utilities, traps and other items are present in the new game.

Customizable Spies

Spy customization is still available, but with additional content. 


Those who do not wish to unlock the content naturally with the playthrough of the game will be able to enter cheats that will unlock features such as maps or items. 


New Maps

In addition to the original eight maps (that will be revamped), eight completely new maps will be introduced.

New Storyline

A complete new storyline will be introduced, set in both the old and the new maps.

New Modes

A variety of new modes will be introduced, in addition to old ones such as Item Race, Board Spies, Minigolf and more.

New Items

More weapons, traps, utilities, furniture, clothes and more!

Customizable Hideouts

A new system of customizable hideouts will be integrated into the game. Players can move furniture around and choose colours to feel more at home.


Watch out for hidden corners and items on every map...

New Features

New Abilities

Spies are now able to hide behind objects and peek out, double jump, do flips, sprint, roll, etc. They can also throw any item being held when they are out of ammo. 

Improved A.I.

It will be more interesting to play against the computer controlled spies than ever before. They will be tougher, smarter and will actually be able to pass challenges. They will be able to participate in Modern and Item Race modes. 

Destructable Environment

Every object in the map can be manipulated. They can be destroyed, picked up, thrown or moved around. Some walls will also be breakable.


Spies will be able to use scooters. tanks, juggernauts suits, etc. to have an advantage against the others.

Gray Spy!

She will make an important appearance in the storyline and other game modes.

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