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Indian Cemeteries

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Preserving the memory of historic cemeteries in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma

This site is attempting to preserve the images of graves and monuments before they disappear. It is hoped that they will be useful to historians and genealogists, as well as serve to remember those whom they commemorate.

It covers the area which used to be British India and includes present-day India, Pakistan and Bagladesh. Entries are not limited to British citizens, monuments cover many nationalities. 

All information comes from volunteers on an ad-hoc basis, therefore it is not an exhaustive and accurate survey, so please read the introduction and transcription notes before proceeding.

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The British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA)


Search EIC and India Office Records inline at Families in British India Society (FIBIS)


For information on British and Indian Regiments

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If you have good quality digital photos of cemeteries or monuments in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, and would like to see them published please e-mail me.  Acknowledgements are of course given and appear with every photograph.

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Pilgrim on the Hosur Road by Geraldine Charles

Kneeling amongst shards of sun bleached grass,
sweat prickling my brow, squinting against the sun's glare,
my eyes trace the patterns etched in stone,
slowly deciphering first letters, then words,
until names unspoken all these years, form before my eyes.
I recall your sepia likenesses, captured over a century ago,
now lovingly preserved in albums and on walls.
I have travelled over four thousand miles
for this brief reunion, with you, my kinsmen.

The shadows of the shade trees lengthen,
as the sun dips in the western sky.
Making my way back I wonder,
'Will I be the last to return here
or will others of my family,
your descendents yet to be born,
retrace my footsteps and make
the same pilgrimage to
that cemetery on the Hosur Road?'

Taken from Voices on the Verandah An Anthology of Anglo-Indian Prose and Poetry.

The entire sales proceeds goes to CTR a charity helping Anglo-Indians in India.

It is available from http://www.blairrw.org/ctr

What’s New?

31st October 2006

Ali Masjid Cemetery in the Khybur Pass cemetery added. Many thanks to Rabia Zafar for the contributions.

7th April 2006

A number of monuments from Peshawar Tehkal Cemetery. Many thanks again to Dr Ali Jan - Sarhad Conservation Network.

6th April 2006

The one remaining monument left in North Park Street Cemetery. Thanks again to Pamela Stock-Hall

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What’s Coming?

  • Armenian Cemeteries in Calcutta from Liz Chater
  • Penang from Leslie James
  • Pachmarhi Cemetery from Wally Reeve
  • A cemetery transcription guide

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indian-cemeteries.org makes available over the web a small number of cemeteries and monuments, however I would like to pay tribute to BACSA who over the past 26 years have built up a unique archive of over 1,300 cemeteries based on official sources with details of size, inscriptions and photographs. The catalogue is on-line in the private papers section at the British Library (shelf mark Mss Eur F370).

All these files being constantly updated by their members returning from their visits to the sub-continent, the information being sifted by two professional archivists before it is added to the archive.

BACSA are trying to arouse local interest so that steps towards maintenance can be taken, such as repairs to new walls, a new gatehouse, clearance of paths, restoration of tombs etc. They take the view that for long-term results the initiative must come from those on the ground with BACSA adding grants for specific projects.

If you have found this site interesting or of use, please consider joining BACSA to help continue this work and preserve India’s and Britain’s shared heritage.


NOTE: indian-cemeteries does not charge for access to its archives and therefore does not have a direct income. Therefore if you found this site useful please consider contributing to the costs by clicking on the button above. Thanks.