Do you have 2 minutes? Yes? Then contact your MP and tell them to vote no!

"A little-publicized Parliamentary motion by a Conservative Member of Parliament is attempting to undermine the new attestation requirement for the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program. Debated on March 1st in the House of Commons, the motion relies on a wrong interpretation of the attestation made in
bad faith.


The debate revealed not only that the Conservatives are exploiting the issue to attack the Liberal government, but that Conservative MPs are unnecessarily denying summer jobs to potentially thousands of students.

Conservative MP Karen Vecchio (Elgin-Middlesex-London) introduced the motion in Parliament on March 1.

It was debated for over two hours and will come to a vote on March 19."

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Great that they're being charged but we all know how much Catholics look a good martyr, so let's not be surprised if they continue to purposely get arrested.


Ottawa police have laid their first charges under a new law that provides an automatic 50-metre bubble zone around abortion clinics in Ontario.Police said a man was arrested Wednesday near The Morg…

Big news, Ontario!

A new Ontario law establishing safe-zones around abortion clinics is set to take effect Thursday, and Ottawa police are gearing up to enforce it.

Tiniest of violins is playing the tiniest tunes for these losers!

The Federal Court of Canada has dismissed a request by a group suing the government over changes to the Canada Summer Jobs program for an injunction barring the change from applying to applications submitted this year.

Your disruption days are numbered, losers!

A new law restricting protesters from demonstrating outside Ontario’s abortion clinics will come into effect Feb. 1, 2018.The “safe access zone” legislation, announced by Attorney…

Are you a Canadian woman who has used mifegymiso? If so, researchers at the University of Ottawa would like to interview you!

Please feel free to circulate this call-out widely.

Researchers at the University of Ottawa would like to conduct 90 minute telephone interviews with Canadian women who have used Mifegymiso® to have an abortion.

In honour of this brilliance, we're thinking of playing some epic jams at the next "March for Life" counterprotest in May.

We are CLEARLY fans of using satire and humour to drown out the antis.

What should be on our playlist?

“Counterprotesters play "La Bamba" while "White Lives Matter" rally leader Michael Hill speaks

It's a great time to be living in Ontario!

Public hearings begin Thursday, passage expected next week for fast-tracked Bill 163.

Big things happening in Ontario!

New legislation would outlaw demonstrations, harassment within a minimum of 50 metres of a clinic.

"Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is defending his decision to appoint an MP who has not supported legalized abortions to sit as chair of the Commons committee of status on the women.

Liberals MPs, who have a majority on the committee, walked out of a meeting on Tuesday after Rachael Harder, the member of Parliament for Lethbridge, was named to the position. The status of women committee is one of the few Commons committees for which the Official Opposition appoints the chair."

Liberal politicians walked out of a meeting on Tuesday after Rachael Harder was named to the position

"As well, the province says a physician’s referral will no longer be needed to obtain a surgical abortion at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.

Kim Munroe, the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s director of ambulatory care, says the QEII has same-day appointments for any woman who requires an abortion.

“We are actually setting up a self-referral process as well, which will go hand-in-hand with this, but we currently provide same-day appointments for women who require an ...abortion service.”

Nova Scotia has been the only province in Canada that requires women to obtain a referral."

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Nova Scotia women will be able to get the abortion pill for free beginning in November.

Same guy whose recent interview with Chatelaine has him claiming he's a feminist.


Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's pick for Status of Women ‘Shadow Minister’ wants to restrict womens' access to abortions.

12 yr olds should be entitled to abortion care; that is not up for debate here.

The issue is that a 12 yr old girl who becomes pregnant should be referred to counselling, ESPECIALLY if she becomes pregnant again soon after.

Lawyer Lynn Moore doesn't believe anyone should be fired for the mishandling of a child abused by her stepfather — but hundreds should be hired.

"Lyndsey Butcher, executive director of the Shore Centre — formerly Planned Parenthood — said new legislation being drafted by Attorney General Yasir Naqvi is based on laws in other provinces, which mandate protesters must stay 50 metres away.

"Fifty metres only really pushes people ... across the street, and because patients are either walking into the clinic or are getting dropped off by taxis or by friends, they still tend to come into contact with protesters," Butcher said, noting a clinic in Toronto has a 150 metre rule and it seems to work really well."

A letter signed by eight advocacy groups is asking Ontario's Attorney General Yasir Naqvi to increase the safe zones around clinics and offices that offer abortion services from 50 metres — the norm in other provinces — to 150 metres.

"Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is challenging the provinces to offer the medication free of charge to those who want it. New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta have already started offering it in place of surgical abortions."

An organization that advocates for women's sexual health rights has given the provincial premiers a November deadline to provide universal access to Mifegymiso, a drug used to end a pregnancy.

A critique of the Handmaids to reflect upon. Reproductive justice matters.

White feminism has tunnel vision, especially when it comes to reproductive rights.

Shout it out, Buzzfeed!

Sometimes silent, sometimes screaming, more and more women are dressing up as characters from The Handmaid's Tale to protest the Republican agenda. "I have never in my life experienced anyth