Ephemera: Orbits and Riffs (2CD)

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Ephemera Trio

Ephemera Ensemble: a musical exploration of celestial landscapes such as pulsars, craters, planetary atmospheres, stars, sun and void. Merging the sound worlds of jazz and contemporary classical, and set to real space sounds, it is an original sonic experience.

The ensemble comprises Keyna Wilkins (piano/flute/compositions) Elsen Price (double bass/loop pedal) and Will Gilbert (trumpet) and includes freely improvised pieces. NASA recordings of electromagnetic waves from planets and stars is the backdrop soundtrack and has been complied by astronomer Professor Paul Francis often with projections of space probe footage. Each member brings their own unique voice to the ensemble drawing from a multitude of musical backgrounds. Elsen is a new music specialist, Will is a jazz trumpeter and Keyna is a jazz/classical/flamenco musician and composer, who combine to create a distinctive sound world that organically react to stellar concepts. Universe and Universality.

"Arresting, genre-blurring..Disquieting music with massive breadth and high drama. 4 STARS"  John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

"Full of sonic textures and infinite possibility, this is one of the true concept albums of recent years. 4 STARS." Peter Wockner, Jazz and Beyond


Track Listing:

1. Callisto
2. Orbital Waltz
3. Solar Flare
4. Craters of Rhea
5. Mars Part 1: Red Dirt
6. Mars Part 2: Red Mysteries
7. Mars Part 3: Red Children
8. Cassini
9. Titan Tango

1. Blackhole
2. Distant Pulsar
3. Aurorae Sinus
4. Floating in Space
5. Comet Song
6. Full Moon
7. New Galaxy
8. Star Dance