Email Marketing

Create and send HTML emails with our simple drag and drop editor or select from hundreds of existing templates

SMTP Server

SMTP is used to send transactional and marketing email messages from any of your tools or applications using our reliable service. 

Web Push

WEB PUSH lets you instantly reach your users when they are on their devices with updates


Send SMS messages to your users with instant discounts, confirmations and offers


REST API gives engineers full control and endless managing capabilities

Increase Open Rate by 50% with Artificial Intelligence

Hundreds of our clients tested that email + web push increase email open rate by 30%. With Artificial Intelligence technology SendPulse will increase these numbers even more.

This will be achieved by:

  • Additional email personalization
  • Optimization of message timing and delivery preference (email, web push, mobile push, sms) SMS)
  • Conversion improvement with subject and content optimization

High deliverability

We take care of the technical side of sending emails so you can focus on communicating with your customers. Excellent IP reputation of our servers and compliance with all requirements of email providers guarantee high inboxing rates.

Test drive

Send an email campaign to your entire mailing list free of charge. Try email marketing in action and see how effective it is for your business.

Responsive email

All campaigns created in SendPulse look good both on computer screens and other screens with small resolution.

Convenient email creator

With the help of the drag’n’drop editor, you can easily create professional templates in no time.


Create campaigns on your computer and send them with the help of your mobile device from wherever you are.


You need only to specify the timeframe for the delivery to start, and the service will send the campaign automatically.

Series of emails

Set your autoresponder series only once and it will be sent automatically after adding a new subscriber, click on a link or any event that you specify.

Subscription forms

Create a unique subscription form, place it on your website and start collecting your subscribers’ emails.

Resend to unopened

You can resend an email automatically to those subscribers who didn’t open your email and get up to +50% to your Open Rate


You will have access to detailed reports on your mailings: number of emails open and links clicked, which links your customers click and where they are located.

Subscribers Rate

Analyze the activity of your subscribers, segment your mailing lists and work with clients with an individual approach.


Through one single platform, you can send out emails, SMS, and web push notifications. You can create hybrid series of communications targeted to your customers, which will cover all delivery channels, and increase your CTR conversions.

Our scheduler, subscription form, and integration with third-party systems will greatly ease working with your customer base and increase the overall effectiveness of your email marketing.

Easy integration

Send mailings from your CRM and CMS systems, integrate with online shopping cart scripts and various online services, send newsletters directly from your projects, track campaigns, and view statistics.

Send 15000 emails every month for free