Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

The smell originating from freshly mowed grass is one of the simple yet satisfying pleasures in life. Doing it with a smoothly operating self propelled lawn mower takes the experience a notch higher. To identify the best self propelled lawn mower, here are some factors that you should consider. Also check out our best lawn mower guide for a regular lawn mower.




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Honda HRR216K9VKA

Rear Wheel Drive

9.4 /10
Our Rating



Troy-Bilt TB330

Rear Wheel Drive

8.5 /10
Our Rating



Poulan pro 961420135

Front Wheel Drive

6 /10
Our Rating



Troy-Bilt TB220

Front Wheel Drive

6 /10
Our Rating



Honda HRX217K5VYA

Rear Wheel Drive

8 /10
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Factors to consider when selecting a self propelled lawn mower


It is the first thing that you should check if interested in purchasing a lawn mower. Self-propelled mowers are said to be safe. They have an automatic shut off system ensuring the mower shuts of when not in use or when you pause to pick up clippings , weeds, or a ball from the ground. In addition, many mowers have an override system that allows the blades to disengage once the engine shuts off.

Ease of use

Are you looking for a manual or an electric corded self-propelled lawn mower? The question is determined by checking the convenience level involved when making the purchase. Self-propelled gas lawn mowers might be more convenient especially if not up to the hassle that accompanies corded electric mowers. You might need to check if the lawn mower starts by recoil or has an electric starter. Recoil starters require you to pull a cord to start the mower while an electric one requires you to push a button or a start key.


This influences movement, the speed limit and the smoothness of work done. Look for comfortable and well tread wheels that make it easy to propel the mower with minimal effort. In addition, you can maneuver them with more ease and prevent the mower from damage especially if the wheels come off due to excessive turning.

Known Brands

Buy mowers from well-reputed entities such as Kohler, Honda and other name brands. Servicing your machine on a regular basis is considered common practice. Don't ignore this factor and the availability of spare parts and local maintenance shops. Regular maintenance improves the condition of the mower increasing its durability.


Many lawn mowers today come with extra accessories. Knowing these accessories after identifying your needs makes it easier when it comes to making your purchase.

Size of the garden or lawn

Lawn mowers come in different sizes. The lawn mower purchased must be directly proportionate to the size of the lawn. This prevents over loading the mower.

Advantages of self propelled lawn mowers

  • Time: they reduce the time taken and the energy required to fulfill the function. This can be attributed to the fact that the mower is self-propelled, making it easier to mow across challenging vegetation or land.
  • Speed: they are designed to accommodate the user’s speed limit and the pace of work. If aiming for a slower or faster mower or you want to match the speed of the mower to your physical needs, then the speed can be readjusted. A one speed self-propelled mower on the other hand can result to uneven grass cuts and poorly cut mulch clippings.
  • Bagging: many mowers have side bags to bag cut grass. Therefore, you have accessories and added functionalities such as mulching.
  • User friendly: the mowers have automatics chokes and can be started when the engine is cold due to their choke recovery systems.
  • Choice: self-propelled lawn mowers come in different sizes, designed for different uses and with different accessories. This offers a wide selection to choose from.

Types of self propelled lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers come in different shapes and sizes and for different purposes. There are three types of self-propelled lawn mowers.

Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

  • Suitable for flat land surface and terrain.
  • Easy to use as all you need is to tip the front wheels of the lawn mower back to stop it.
  • Hard to maneuver especially when faced with a challenge such as taller tougher grass. However, if the challenge is an uneven shaped lawn or mowing around trees, then it might be a good idea to try the front wheel.

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

  • Suitable for a sloping terrain due to their advanced traction, as cutting grass on a slope is best done across and not up and down.
  • Provides more stability compared to the others when mowing.
  • It is easier to maneuver and provides better traction control.
  • Requires a bag for the grass which is an essential accessory and a stopper i.e. the mower stops mowing once the bag is full and the front end of the mower lifts.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

  • This is designed to offer more stability especially in slippery terrain similar to how a car operates.
  • It is suitable for use in lawns where the grass is quite tall or tough, on uneven terrain or on a steep slope.
  • It offers maximum control and has great maneuverability.

Top 5 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Auto Choke

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower

The lawn mower is self-propelled with excellent features added to it. These features and the benefits associated include:

  • Variable speed: has a range of four variable speed limits to suit the user. It gives the user the control one needs when mowing.
  • Ease of use: it has these amazing and ultra-fine twin blades for cutting, mulching and bagging purposes. It has a steel deck allowing for easier and improved discharge capabilities. In addition, the handles fold to make for easy storage.
  • Brand: The engine is a GCV160 with an automatic choke capability making it easy to fuel or start. You control the engine power using a lever on the handles which shuts down the engine when released, for safety purposes.
  • Accessories: it has a bushel bag capacity with safety grip handles and a start system that is zoned such that whenever the handle level is released the engine is shut off. Another interesting feature is the grass cutting heights and adjustments.
  • Wheels: it has ball bearing type of wheels for easier manoeuvrability, maintenance and ease of use when mowing uneven terrain.


  • It has great mulching and cutting capabilities.
  • Fast and easy starting.
  • It has an auto choke allowing you can switch the mower on regardless of its temperature levels.

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower

It is a rear wheel drive lawn mower that has the following features.

  • Variable speed: Control is everything when using any type of machinery. The Troy Bilt TB330 RWD offers you control over the machines adjustable speed limit. To do this, it has four speed variables that can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Ease of us: It has a premium deck washing system that is superior in every sense due to its ability to smooth the flow of cut grass. It has a 21 inch TriAction cutting system integrated into the mower with a rake bumper, ensuring that the grass cut is lifted. It has a specially designed cutting blade promoting fine mulch with a deck that ensures no grass clumping occurs and that no grass patches are left behind.
  • Brand: The engine is a 163cc Brigg and Stratton from one of the prominent manufacturing companies, making it easy to maintain and service.It offers a ready start technology for convenience and ease of use. It is able to sense temperature change and if they rise, it induces an air fuel mixture that brings the temperature down to normal.
  • Accessories: It comes with a side bag aimed for side discharge for mulching purposes. It can also be used as a rear bag. The capacity is around 1.9 including the capacity of the bag.
  • High performance rear wheels: Promote stability and improves performance. Has an ergomatic handle that is adjustableto suit the needs of the user. In addition, it offers a wide range of grass length that the mower can cut.

Poulan pro 961420135 CleanScape 21 Inch 140cc Front Wheel Drive Mower

Poulan pro 961420135 CleanScape 21 Inch 140cc Front Wheel Drive Mower

This is a FWD self-propelled lawn mower. The mower offers the following advantages and features.

  • Speed: it offers no variable speed but has a front system that reduces the effort and energy needed to cut the grass.
  • Ease of use: it has a 21 inch cutting deck offering a unique lift, finer mulching abilities and smooth discharge of grass or mulch clippings and a simplified discharge system.
  • Brand: it has 140cc engine system from Briggs and Stratton. The engine has a starting system that features prime and pull E-Z. This means that you have to pull around three times before delivering the needed fuel to the engine for it to start.
  • Accessories: it has a rear bag with a bushel capacity of around 2.3cu.ft. It reduces the time and effort needed when emptying and reloading the bag to the mower.
  • Front Wheel Drive: as stated, it takes less effort to use the mower due to the presence of the front drive propelled system.


  • Has the ability to bag the super fine mulch and grass clippings saving you time and energy otherwise spent raking.
  • Perfect in trimming areas along a fence, hedges or other obstacles.
  • Suitable for any type of a terrain.
  • Improved traction capabilities
  • Easy to start and use

Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc 21-inch FWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc 21-inch FWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This is a front wheel drive self-propelled lawn mower. The mower has the following features and benefits.

  • Ease of use: it has a TriAction 21 inch cutting deck, a deck wash offering smooth flow of clippings and leaving no patches on the lawn. In addition, it has a dual lever that can be adjusted to any height. Furthermore, the cutting edges and heights make it essential for use on 1.25 to around 4 inches of grass height.
  • Brand: it has a 159cc engine. The engine power is quite high making it suitable for use in mowing large and small lawns alike.
  • Accessories: the mower has a bushel capacity of 1.9 cu. ft. including the grass bag.
  • Wheels: it has powerful front wheel drive wheels that are meant for easier control of the mower and maneuver capability when in use.


  • The mower can be used on different lawn sizes from large to smaller ones.
  • It is easy to use and has features that increase the convenience and comfort of using it.
  • It can be adjusted to fit your specifications and fall under your control.
  • It has a bushel bag that limits time taken and energy spent on empting or lifting the mower.

This is a self-propelled lawn mower with different capabilities and interesting features. Some of the features and their associated benefits include:

  • Variable speed: it has a control center responsible for adjusting the mowers speed levels by rotating a speed dial and selecting the desired speed. It is one of the interesting mowers in reference to the way control is handed to you as the user.
  • Ease of use: it comes with a twin blade system for cutting and mulching. This result is ultra-fine mulched grass clippings and leaves reducing the time and energy needed to cut the whole lawn.
  • Brand: it has an 187cc engine that is easy and fast to start. The engine gives you the opportunity to continue with other activities such as picking up a ball without stopping the engine due to the presence of the Robo Stop system.
  • Accessories: the mower comes with the Versamov system that promotes mulching, bagging and discharge of grass clipping and shredded leaves. It also features a clip director that helps you select the amount of grass or leaves to be bagged, mulched or discharged.


Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower

Self-propelled lawn mowers offer a stiff competition. All have similar features and the advantages are almost the same. However, the Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 is the best one of them all. Compared to the others, it offers an improved variable speed that is comfortable for all, can be used on different lawns and has a wide range of grass height. It is easy to use, safe, and is from a well-known brand making it easier to maintain and service in the long run.

Maintenance Tips

If you want a lawn mower that’s easy to operate, you should definitely consider a self-propelled mower. Differing from a push mower, there’s no need to use a lot of energy pushing it around a lawn and up/down a hill. It’s also a wise option if you have health issues that would make a standard mower difficult to operate.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Ease-of-operation is definitely one of the main benefits of self-propelled mowers. However, they also generally provide less power than push mowers, and especially cordless battery powered units. Another key drawback is that they require more maintenance. This means that you should try to take the right steps to keep your mower operating at the best possible level. The good news is that taking certain steps in maintaining the unit will make the device operate as efficiently as possible. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Read the owner’s manual before you key start up the mower

Even if you’ve owned self-propelled mowers in the past this is a critical step to take like reading a buying guide. If you use and maintain the unit properly it’s likely that the mower will last for several years. On the other hand, if you don’t take that step you could end up using/maintaining the mower improperly, which could cause a ton of expenses and problems that you probably want to avoid.

2. Make sure all moving parts have stopped before routine maintenance

That includes tasks such as inspecting, cleaning, and fixing. You should also unplug the spark plug ignition wire. Ground it against the mower’s engine to prevent the unit from starting unintentionally. While it’s important to maintain your self-propelled mower, it should be done as safely as possible in order to avoid problems.

3. Get major repairs from an official dealer

This is important instead of taking the unit to a third-party repair shop. Performing regular maintenance will help to prevent many types of issues that you might have to deal with in terms of your mower.

However, in the case that you’re unable to repair the unit, you should certainly contact an official dealer. This will help to ensure that it’s done properly. Usually there are web tools to help you find an official dealer in your area. They’ll have experienced technicians and expertise about different products. That will help to ensure that you can get all the parts and service from one location, instead of multiple ones.

4. Change the oil regularly

This is a given, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. It’s important to use high-end oil to prevent the engine from seizing up. First, verify that the engine is warm. This will provide a complete drainage and allow any impurities to drain out with the oil. The next step is to let the oil release into a bucket/recycled milk jug.

There are 3 ways to remove the oil. You can use a dipstick after tilting the mower, via the drain plug, and an oil-extraction gadget. There’s no right or wrong method, but you should use whichever one is most convenient for you. Replace the plug then add new oil to the engine. Finally, it’s critical to dispose of the used engine oil properly. Do that by placing it in a clean plastic container that’s covered with a tight-fighting lid. It’s important not to mix the oil with any other substances including paint and gas. Then take the container to a service station, recycling center, or other location that accepts used oil.

5. Change the air filter

Like a furnace, a lawnmower works better when clean air is flowing through it. It’s important to replace the air filter periodically due to the mowing you’ve been doing. Just remove the filter. Then clean the area around it, and install a new air filter. This is one of the easiest yet most effective steps for optimizing the operation of your mower.

6. Replace spark plugs each season

It’s important to take this step each mowing season. On average you should put in a fresh one every season. This will result in faster starts and improved fuel economy. However, it’s important to correctly gap the spark plug before you start the installation. This is an easy maintenance step you can take to ensure that your mower is working as effectively as possible. It proves that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to keep your mower working as effectively as it can.

7. Regularly clean the mower

Any machine with moving parts requires maintenance. Since the mower has had long-term grass exposure, this can cause wear and tear on the unit. That’s due to exposure to grass, leaves, dirt, twigs, and other items.

It starts with removing surface debris from the unit, which is easy to do. It can be blown or brushed off. Sometimes there’s a deck wash-out port that can be connected to a hose in order to flush out all the pieces of grass and other debris below the mower’s deck. If your unit doesn’t have that feature you can tilt the mower onto its side and then use water to rinse the deck. If you see any bits of pieces stuck in the mower blade always use a stick to get it out. Never use your hands as it could become dangerous.

8. Inspect the unit after hitting a foreign object

It’s important to take this step even if the mower keeps operating. The reason is that it could result in damage of the mower, which is certainly a situation you want to avoid. In this case you should first turn off the engine. Then disconnect the spark plug ignition wire. Next, ground it against the engine. Afterwards, inspect the mower carefully for any damage that might have occurred. If you find any damage repair the damage. Then start up the mower and operate it again. However, it’s critical to take all these steps to ensure that the operation of your self-propelled mower is optimized. Operating the mower when a foreign object is lodged underneath can cause a lot of damage to the unit.

9. Sharpen blades twice per season

This will help to ensure the blades work properly and your lawn looks healthy. On the other hand, mowing with a dull blade tears up the grass blades, which results in the grass being ragged, a weakened plant, and promoting disease. On the other hand, a sharp blade provides a clean cut. This helps to plant to heal over time, and allows it to recover faster. The process of sharpening the blade is a relatively simple process. In addition, a do-it-yourself fan can handle the task after doing a little research, or with the help of a lawn mower dealer in your neighborhood. Regardless of how it’s done it’s important that the blades get sharpened on a regular basis to provide maximum efficiency.

10. Check the blade/engine mounting balls

Examine them from time to time to ensure that the tightness is proper. You should also visually check the mower’s blade for damage. For example, check if it’s bent, cracked, or worn out. Make sure to only use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) blade when changing the blade. If you use parts that aren’t OEM parts it could result in bad performance and even cause safety issues. Such parts have a lower price tag, but it’s not worthwhile if it compromises their function or safety.

11. Handle mower blades properly

Mower blades are quite sharp and can cut your hands. Thus, it’s important to always wear gloves when handling blades and wrap them. You should use extra care when servicing the blades as they’re particularly dangerous in that situation because you’re twisting and turning the item to perform maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

1. What is a self-propelled mower?

2. What is the best brand of self-propelled lawn mower?

3. How do I start a mower?

4. Which is better, front or rear-wheel drive?

5. Is maintenance required?

6. What size should I purchase?

7. What is the maximum speed of self-propelled lawn mowers?

8. Can I use it in hills?

9. What features should I look for?

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