As part of the ongoing modernization and implementation of PRESTO across the system, the TTC is introducing a new Customer Service Agent role. The collector booths you’re familiar with on the TTC today will be closed over the course of the next year.

Starting Sunday, December 17, Customer Service Agents will be in all stations on the Line 1 extension to York Region, and at Sheppard West and Wilson stations. And next year, you’ll start seeing Customer Service Agents at more and more stations throughout the system.

If there is no collector booth, how do I pay my fare?

  • PRESTO: Simply tap your PRESTO card at one of the modern, paddle-style fare gates.
  • Tickets, tokens and Metropasses: You can pay using any of these, but you won’t be able to purchase these fare types at any of the new Line 1 extension stations.
  • Cash: You can pay with cash, but be sure to have exact fare handy.

You will be able to buy and load your PRESTO card at each station.

Who do I speak to if I need help or have a question?

A Customer Service Agent would be pleased to help you answer your question or direct you to where you purchase and pay your fare.

Look for someone in a TTC uniform beside the fare gates and they would be more than happy to assist you.

What if I need help right away or have an emergency?

In an emergency, go to the Passenger Assistance Intercom located beside the fare gates and push the button to speak with someone immediately.

Will it cost me more to ride the subway to the new stations?

No you will not be charged more to ride the subway to and from the new stations.