Life Insurance TV Commercial – From $7 per month – Best insurance plans ads

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Did you see our Life Insurance TV Commercial – From $7 per month – Best insurance plans ads 

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Don’t be fooled by ads that promise high benefits and simply mention a low ball monthly premiums, only to bait-and-switch you to high rates on some complicated policy and high fees. We stand behind our low insurance rates, and help you compare ALL companies, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

$100,000 life insurance


(Rates for Female, age 35, non smoker, 10yr term)

For example, a  female age 35 can get $100,000 life insurance for $6.97 per month, if in good health and a non-smoker (you get a discount if you pay annually) for a 10-year term life policy. Our TV commercial shows the best possible rates you can get on a life insurance policy to protect your family. Rates as low as $0.22/day!




Final Expense from $15/month

(age 50, Female non-smoker for $7,000 burial policy – for life)

Have you seen our TV ad for seniors final expense?

Also, a burial life insurance policy, also called FINAL EXPENSE life insurance for seniors (actually offered from ages 40 to age 90!!!) can cost as low as $15/mo at age 50 ($7,000 benefit), AND RATES WILL NEVER INCREASE – FOR LIFE! However, if you wait and don’t purchase a policy until you’re in the late 80’s, the rates increase accordingly to pretty steep rates at age 90, which is the oldest age when you can still get life insurance or even a small burial policy.

Our TV commercial for seniors final expense plans also includes a FREE Rx Save card to help you save on prescription medications at over 60,000 pharmacies. Show this card to your pharmacist and save up to 85% on many meds, whether you have health insurance, Medicare or other coverage. Sometimes, not using your insurance deductible can help you save more with our Prescription discount drugs card.

Visit or show the card below to your pharmacist. Card is already active and you can share it with your family and friends.





Mortgage Protection Insurance TV ad

from $7/mo.

Mortgage protection from $7 per monthIn our TV commercials about Mortgage Protection life insurance you’ll see rates that can start as low as $10/month. Mortgage owners need to protect their families in case of premature death, illness, accident or job loss. While many mortgage insurance plans offer life and disability coverage, very few now offer protection against involuntary loss of employment.



In this article: Life Insurance TV AD, TV ADVERTISING, LIFE INSURANCE COMMERCIAL, TV ads for mortgage protection; Are you searching for the life insurance TV commercial you just saw on TV, did you forget the insurance company name, and found my website? You may have seen our TV commercial on low rates life insurance, with GUARANTEED ISSUE for those with bad health. Yes – even clients with some major illnesses can qualify to purchase burial policies or life insurance for up to maximum $35,000 in benefit (waiting period applies on death due to illness, but immediate coverage is available in case of death by accident).

We’ll compare the lowest rates from companies life Transamerica, Columbian Life, Prudential, New York Life, Principal Life, Standard Life, Phoenix Life, 5 Star Life Insurance Company, Oxford Life, GPM Life, Security National Life Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, Assurity Life, Foresters, Liberty Bankers Life, American Amicable, Occidental Life, Americo Eagle Premier series life insurance, Open Care Senior Services final expense life insurance plans, Angel Care Services final expense plans, United American, Prosperity Life, Settlers Life Insurance, United Heritage Life Insurance, Fidelity Life, Royal Neighbors of America, United Home Life, American Home Life, American Continental, Aetna, Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage final expense, Cigna Funeral Plan, Golden Charter Funeral Plans , Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan, Colorado Health Care, Gerber Life, AIG, American General Life, Funeral Advantage burial plans, Colonial Penn, Metlife, Colonial Penn Life Insurance, SelectQuote Life Insurance, Empire Life, Lisa Group life insurance, Globe Life Insurance, Stonebridge Life Insurance, Burial Planning Senior Life Insurance, Senior Life Insurance Company plans, SunLife Family Life Insurance, Aviva Paul Whitehouse Life Insurance, Banner Life, Legal General Life, LifeHealthPro Life, Nationwide Life Insurance, and many others.


Q and A on life insurance – as seen on TV ads

Q: I have diabetes. Can I get Life Insurance?

A: YES. You can’t get denied for health issues, but some plans may have a waiting period.


Q: I’m in a hospital right now. Can I get a Final Expense life insurance policy?

A: YES, some life insurance companies offer GUARANTEED ISSUE burial plans, without any medical questions, blood tests or medical exams.


Q: I suffered a heart attack this year. Can I still get final expense life insurance?

A: YES, guaranteed issue plans are the last resort, in case you had recent major illnesses, even if you got declined or rejected by other insurance companies. Limitations apply, ask our experienced underwriters and agents for details.


Q: If I was diagnosed with cancer, can I still qualify for life insurance?

A: YES, there are final expense or burial policies that can be issued even if you are diagnosed with some major critical illnesses. One way the insurance companies protect themselves is by offering a “waiting period” plan for death by illnesses (1-2 years), but immediate coverage for accidental deaths.


Q: Can I see all companies’ lowest rates?

A: YES – we’ll compare over 100 different companies and show you comparisons so you know you’re getting the lowest life insurance rates possible.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Fill the form below, or contact us by phone: 877-543-3489.


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