Pre & Proto Historic

 The Gallery represents various stages of pre and proto history. The objects include Stone Age tools from Soan Valley-among the early objects produced by human beings. The oldest in the gallery is from 500,000 years ago.
The beginnings of civilization are represented by objects from Mehrgarh, a Neolithic period site in Balochistan famous for its continuous occupation by  humans from 7000 BC to 2500 BC.

The rest of the gallery exhibits objects from two large Indus Valley sites-Harappa and Mohenjodaro (3500 – 1500 BC)first excavated in 1920 by teams led by British archaeologists. The objects include: wheel- turned pottery; jewellery of terracotta, paste and semi-precious beads; measuring weights; toys; gaming objects; various other items of daily use made of  clay and  bronze; and bronze arrow heads and implements.