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Why custom lanyards don't just have to be a way of identifying staff

Posted by Heath McDonald on 30-Nov-2016 11:00:00

custom-reinforced-poly-offset-print-lanyard-00_1.jpgLanyards have a surprisingly long and varied history that extends back to the military in 15th-century France. However, it wouldn't be until centuries later that the use of lanyards would become commonplace.

More recently, lanyards have often been used to carry ID cards and personal belongings that might include whistles and keychains (to name just a couple). In addition to this, though, they have served as promotional tools as part of a focused marketing campaign.

Custom lanyards come in a large array of materials and functions. They can be created using dye sublimation, screen printing and more, and they can be created in such a way that helps promote your brand; this is perhaps best done by putting your brand or company's logo and corporate colours to good use. In this day and age, branding is possibly the most important thing that your company must do in order to stay competitive in a ruthless economic climate. A custom lanyard is likely to give clients a sense of goodwill and gratitude towards your company, and that is the kind of association that is tough to buy.

While custom lanyards have often been used purely for holding ID cards, as is, generally, the lanyard's nature, companies are coming up with more innovative ways to customise theirs. Take the inclusion of USB memory sticks, for example.

Although companies have been attaching USB sticks to lanyards for more than a decade now, more and more businesses are starting to realise their potential as we move into an increasingly digital age. Such a device means that not only will you be less likely to lose your flash drive but the included flash drive can be pre-installed with promotional files, including documents, videos, audio lectures, pictures, or whatever other files your company thinks would be useful to employees.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to your custom lanyards can mean that they go beyond simply working as a security or identification solution for your business.

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