Prayer Requests

In the past 2 days I have received 2 emails from Nepali Christians telling me of organized attacks and increasing persecution of Christians here in Nepal and in Kathmandu in particular.  Recently a famous Nepali singer who converted to Christianity was subject to attacks here in KTM because of her refusal to sing Hindu songs in praise of various gods and goddesses.  Pastors are also coming under attack.  For this reason, two days ago a large group of believers in the city gathered together to pray for God’s help in the midst of this rising persecution.

The recent attacks, by the way, are coming not from the Maoists, but from Hindu groups who are committed to driving Christians out of Nepal and reestablishing the nation as a Hindu Kingdom.  One Nepali friend wrote to me “Especially foreigners like you getting involved in evangelism have to be very very cautious what approaches you take . . .”

Please remember to pray for Christians in Nepal.  May God protect them and grant them his blessing.  Please pray also that the Lord will give me wisdom in how to proceed with mission work here.

I also ask your prayers as I travel next week to Greece.  A Priest friend has provided a ticket for me and asked me to show him around Thessaloniki and Mt. Athos.  I will be there for 2 months and will return to Nepal November 18.  Through your prayers, may the Lord guide me and protect me. – Fr. S.

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3 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. elizabeth s. says:

    What a gift Fr.! I know that a trip to Greece will be just what the Heavenly Dr ordered. I hope for your sake that it is a great replenishment and restoration after your difficult work. We love & miss you.

  2. Chris says:

    We will be remembering you in prayer! May the Lord give you strength and wisdom and safe travels.

  3. fr. radu from cluj says:

    the devil is furios that u preach the Gosple there and u serve liturgy. Dont worry Christ and His Mother is with you!

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