Research Note: Small Pilot of Home Tele-Health in a Hospital Heart Failure Outreach Service

Jeffrey Soar, Lisa Capamagian, Charles Denaro, Linda Prentice, Ruth Skinner-Smith


Aims: To demonstrate the feasibility of the use of telehealth to better support patients and staff operating a hospital outreach heart failure (HF) service.

Patients and Methods: Telehealth with interactive audio and video between the hospital and patients’ homes was used to supplement the delivery of care. The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Tunstall Healthcare and researchers from the University of Southern Queensland developed this collaboration in 2012 to establish a telehealth pilot program to support risk assessment and services to patients in a hospital outreach heart failure service. A convenience sample consisting of 10 patients and 6 HF Service clinical staff utilised the telehealth system during 2012. Feedback from staff was gathered to assess perceptions of impacts and satisfaction.

Results: Focus groups of the participating staff were held mid-project and end of project. There was consensus about a range of perceived benefits.

Conclusion: Collaborations using telehealth to supplement an outreach specialty care model can be seen to have a positive impact on a patient’s care and be well-received by clinical staff.


Telehealth; Heart Failure

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