Issues to Consider in Designing Health Care Information Systems: A User-centred Design Approach

Ahed Jabor Abugabah, Osama Alfarraj


Objectives: This paper presents a literature review of recent research on user-centred requirements of Healthcare Information Systems.

Methods: Our aim is to identify key issues that should be considered when designing, developing, and implementing Healthcare Information Systems at the user level. Based on the literature, the paper describes a multi-dimensional framework that incorporates user requirements and perspectives to support the development and design process of Healthcare Information Systems. The framework serves to categorize the lessons learned from the literature review and the issues that healthcare organizations and Healthcare Information Systems’ vendors might analyse before and during the implementation of such systems.

Conclusion: Our literature review provides useful guidelines for healthcare organizations that plan to implement information systems as well as for organizations that have already implemented such systems but have found a mismatch between the systems and their work requirements. The guidelines presented herein serve as techniques or suggestions that might be helpful in addressing incompetent system design.


User-centred Design; User Requirements Approach

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