At Ross Morrison Electrical Ltd. we are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees. We have developed an extensive safety program both to meet this commitment and to comply with Provincial, and customer safety and health regulations.
Our Safety Policy book highlights Ross Morrison Electricalís Corporate Safety Program. Each employee of Ross Morrison receives a copy of this policy and must comply with the safety practices established as a condition of their employment.
Ross Morrison Electrical takes a proactive approach to safety. We provide personal protective equipment, supply proper tools for the job, follow appropriate safety procedures, meet with our employees to discuss safety issues, and instruct our employees about safety in the most thorough manner possible.
Safety is part of every project we do. Our foreman and project managers plan each job with safety in mind. We also review and incorporate the customer's Safety program into ours so that the customer can be confident that we have satisfied all safety concerns specific to their project.
Weekly job site meetings are held to discuss specific employee or management safety concerns for that job site.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Ross Morrison Electrical Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for its employees.
The Companyís objective is to provide quality service while eliminating accidental injury and industrial disease to people and damage to property and equipment. To meet this goal, full cooperation from ALL PERSONNEL is needed and expected.
Management personnel are responsible for the health and Safety of their people and the safeness of the workplace under their control. All Management personnel are accountable for their decisions, actions and results. Management shall endorse and support the Company health and Safety Program and ensure that all employees are informed of what is expected of them regarding Health and Safety.
Supervisors and Foreman responsible and accountable for the health and Safety of Workers assigned to them, and for the safeness of the assigned work area. Foremen shall ensure Workers comply with applicable rules, regulations and practices.
Workers, as a condition of their employment, shall observe all safety rules and regulations and conduct themselves in a manner which does not endanger the well-being of themselves, others or property.
The Health and Safety Program is designed in the best interests of all personnel, visitors, and customers. The Company insists on a dedicated participation in its requirements.

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