Layered Locks bring many Benefits.

Layering gives depth and volume and is an excellent route to a short haircut that appears full and is effortless to style. Utilize the layering effect to make a short haircut appear towards medium length. Layers are excellent for girls on the move who don't have time for major rigmoroles in the morning. Layers mean you don't have to worry about supporting more body at the back or fighting curlers and straighteners until it doesn't look like you've recently climbed out of bed. Reach new heights using layers and make strands appear thicker, luscious, and alive.


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Depth and Volume.

Tried going short before and found it wanting? Not enough body, too much time spent setting the style? The problem may not have been the length, you may have needed layers. Uneven layers can give straight hair new personality and turn a drab cut wild. Layers can make a complex effort easy to maintain, making styling time quick and easy. Layers facilitate the versatility it needs to move from a busy morning to a quiet afternoon to an evening out causing minimal fuss. Want a dash of length? Layering will bring a hairstyle to life.

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Chic and Sophisticated.

Layering can freshen up all lenghts by adding body, bounce, texture, and volume. It pushes frumpy to fabulous. The main focus is to get the maximum from your locks utilizing great layers. Discover more than a dozen cuts and a variety of colors and layer lengths in this section, see how layers can accentuate facial features and shapes.


There's a wealth of styling product and accessory suggestions for every design. The collection shows that you're not limited to brash and bold but sophisticated and chic. Layers add so much flair and fun. Some of these examples need only minimal styling. If you're the kind of girl who wants to look put together and fresh without having to get up extra early, one (or more) of these fourteen could work for you. Pick from the wide array of powerful and edgy cuts.


Layers of Color.

One of the coolest things layers facilitate is incorporating interesting colors. Try coloring the top layer one color and the bottom layer another, such as light blonde on top and near black brown underneath or vice versa or choose subtler shade combinations. Depending on the type of layers, there are some interesting options, since it's only dye, you can reassess it later. Ice floe colors? Violet, denim, and indigo? Imagination, imagination, imagination.


Styling Friendly.

These concepts offer more body and depth. Most designs here are styling friendly and won't require excessive sticky product. Grab a blow dryer and brush, apply simple ruffling and you're good to go! Add accessories, such as pins or headbands. Wear professional cuts in casual and formal environments. Featured are a range of professional, and easy to maintain styles that are powerful with all the femininity of longer variants. Following is a number of nice examples with a tinge of red but next is a handful of pixies.