Study 2016

Dr. Jennifer Berman Urologist and Sexual Health Expert &

Brooke M. Faught, Clinical Director of Women’s Institute for Sexual Health


Assessment of a novel device using air compression for treatment of orgasmic disorder in perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women: impact of device usage on parameters of sexual function, sexual distress and quality of life.

Womanizer study participant, Jennifer Skelton:
“Prior to using the Womanizer, it was extremely difficult for me to orgasm, but now, I orgasm every single time, and my orgasms are much more intense. Honesty, the Womanizer is the greatest thing I have ever experienced.”

Dr. Jennifer Berman
“The study is the first to break the bifurcation that exists between the adult toy market and the health and wellness community,” said Dr. Jennifer Berman, Urologist and Sexual Health Expert. “It validates that the Womanizer, a popular adult toy, can improve sexual function and response, decrease sexual distress and improve quality of life. Now healthcare providers have a viable treatment option to offer patients experiencing orgasmic difficulty or changes in the intensity of orgasm due to aging and menopause.”