Theosophical University Press Online Edition

Theosophy in the Qabbalah

By Grace F. Knoche

A Sunrise Library Book

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Because of the Hebrew and many diacritical characters in the text, all files below are in Acrobat PDF format (click here to download free Acrobat Reader). To search the entire book, download the PDF Search Index (see link and instructions below).



Chapter 1: Introduction to Qabbalistic Literature

Chapter 2: How the One Becomes the Many

Chapter 3: The Sefirothal Tree

Chapter 4: The Ten Sefiroth in Diverse Forms

Chapter 5: The Triadic Nature of the Sefiroth

Diagram of Concentric Circles

Chapter 6: The Four Worlds

Chapter 7: The Four Adams

Chapter 8: Symbolism of 'Arikh 'Anpin and Ze'eir 'Anpin

Chapter 9: Conformations of 'Arikh 'Anpin

Chapter 10: The Fourfold Nature of Man

Chapter 11: Sleep, Death, and Initiation

Hebrew Pronunciation Guide

Glossary of Qabbalistic Terms

Glossary of Theosophical Terms

Zoharic Writings



PDF Search Index (5.3Mb zipfile). Instructions: Download/Save all PDFs above into a single folder. Download and extract the PDF Search Index zipfile in the same folder (it will create a TheosQabIndex subfolder). To search the entire book, open any chapter, press Ctrl+Shift+F and enter a search term. Search terms do not need accents.

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