The only permanent solution to rising damp

Berry King Waterproofing SA: environmentally-friendly Solutions for Damp and Waterproofing

Berry King Waterproofing SA offers clients tried and tested environmentally-friendly solutions for waterproofing, damp-proofing and related products like sealants, guttering, drainage and painting. Whether you’re tackling a residential, commercial or industrial project, we have the professional skills, services and products to address all your requirements.

As an accredited consultant for Aquapol SA, Berry King Waterproofing SA offers quality services and value-for-money solutions, with proven skills and expertise. Contact us for a professional consultation to get the best solution and best advice.

We have assisted individuals, businesses and government departments with the following:

Waterproofing • Damp-proofing • Sealants and waterproofing for balconies, basements, walls and roofing

Fixing rising dampGuttering • Drainage, including French drains • Painting • Home Renovations • Plastering • Flooring •

Services We Provide

Rising Damp
home renovations

Our Products:

Why Choose Berry King Waterproofing SA?

Berry King Waterproofing SA is committed to service excellence for all its clients. Whether you are a private individual, a small business, a large corporate company, a global hotel group or an industrial giant, Berry King Waterproofing SA can assist you with professional services and quality products. Partner with us to address your waterproofing, damp-proofing, guttering, drainage and painting requirements. We are committed to proving the following:

  • Green solutions that don’t harm the environment and that are non-toxic or non-flammable
  • Quality market-leading products, like Berry seal, Ector, Pazkar, Xypex, and Thermo-Insulation.
  • A peace-of-mind of professionalism, as an accredited consultant of Aquapol SA
  • Personal consultations with an in-depth knowledge of engineering and scientific waterproofing solutions
  • Products and services tailored for residential, commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Turnkey solutions with product and service guarantees

Whether you need to address a waterproofing or damp problem on an existing property or you are considering options for a new building project, Berry King Waterproofing SA offers expert advice and trusted support to help you make the right decisions. With good products and a solid insight, we can advise and assist you to fix or maintain your property in order to protect your investment.


Our Philosophy:

Berry King Waterproofing SA would be the first choice for our customers would look for a turnkey solution on all projects, which gives the client a peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with a expert company for all their waterproofing and damp proofing needs around their home or business.

Berry King has established itself  in the waterproofing industry as a household name,  this has allowed us to expand our reach across all sectors of Scientific and Engineered waterproofing.

Our Staff:

Our Staff have more than 25 years waterproofing experience. Our team is also recognized in the industry and also carries the responsibility for the execution of all major contract works on the full range of projects undertaken by Berry King Waterproofing SA 

Each project team member would be suited to the particular needs of the project and our customers. Our teams are professional and experienced applicators working hands-on  with new Apprentices and developing staff.