2018 MW Douglas

Each year the competitors at the Flying Scot Midwinters nominate a fellow sailor to win the prestigious Allen Douglas award, given to a sailor who portrays the best example of sportsmanship at the regatta. Several people were nominated for their various actions which is a testament to the camaraderie in our class.  But the one with the most votes gets the award, and this year's winner is Jim Cosgrove from Clinton Lake Sailing Association.  Jim was seen before and after races helping one team after another getting their boats on and off the dock and the class definitely appreciates this!

2018 MW Champs

For the first time ever, the Flying Scot class has a third time winner of the Midwinter Championship to be engraving their name once again on the Mary Meno Perpetual Trophy.  Zeke and Jay Horowitz were the best of the 40 boats in the large Championship fleet and their consistent sailing is evident in the results.  Zeke gives his Dad all the credit and of course Jay gives Zeke all the credit - it's an incredible team.  Jay just beams when you talk about what a great sailor his son is and he says sailing with Zeke is one of the greatest joys of his life.  Congratulations to Zeke and Jay once again!  Wiil there be a fourth win in their future?  Stay tuned.

2018 MW Chall

In the 23-boat Challenger Division there was some pretty close racing at the top.  But in the end, our president Bill Vogler and his crew Peg Woodworth and Carey Seven are the proud winners of the Brenda Pollack Perpetual Trophy   Bill and his crew were pretty consistent and won 2 of the 5 races in the series, not always easy in a fleet that large.  Congratulations to Bill and crew - hope you can sail here again next year.



We left the dock on another beautiful 80-degree day with 17 MPH southerly winds and a few gusts, After a great sail off the wind to the starting line, we found the wind was building more and more as we approached the Race Committee boat. We hoped it would lay down a bit but Mother Nature had different ideas and the 17 turned to 20+ and the gusts were pretty steady. We tried to wait it out for a bit of a break where we could get in a race, but the Race Committee called it and we headed back in. The sail back was challenging and at first it was fun but then one boat went over as the wind continued to build.     So, the Flying Scot Midwinters are complete and next up is the awards ceremony. The winners remain the leaders from the previous day - Championship top 5 are Zeke and Jay Horowitz, David Ames and PJ Buhler, Jeff Linton and Andy Hayward, Mark Swanson and Mike Hennessey, and Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu. Challenger leaders are Bill Vogler with Peg Woodworth and Carey Seven, Randy Rubinstein and Carol Claypool, Greg and Diane Kampf, Forest Atkins and Mandy McCracken -Atkins and Shaun Clements and Andy Gardner. Full results are here..  Photos for the week will all be here.   Thanks so much to Sarasota Sailing Squadron for a fabulous week with loads of great weather, great friends and great fun! Can't wait to come back!


No racing yestrerday but today more than made up for that!  Another beautiful sunny 80+ degree day with wind is really the best you could ask for.  The wild wind at the dock had us thinking we were in for a tough day on the water, but shortly afterwards we knew it was going to be a great day, as the wind laid down a bit and we headed for the racecourse.  The 6-12 MPH winds, mostly in the 10-12 range, winds shifted from Southeast to Southwest between Race 1 and 2 but stayed Southwest for Race 3.  DUring the races the shifts were minimum and you could pick a side and stick with it, 

As was the case on Monday, following the shifts was essential to a successsful day.  We had two 4-leg windwards-leeward races and one 5-leg windward-leeward, finishing us in the direction of the club in the 3rd race, just the way we like it!.  After racing today, the 3-way tie for 1st in the Championship Division went away, and the Challenger Division leaders changed as well.  Championship top 5 are Zeke and Jay Horowitz,  David Ames and PJ Buhler, Jeff Linton and Andy Hayward, Mark Swanson and Mike Hennessey, and Ryan Malmgren and Stacey Rieu.  Challenger leaders are Bill Vogler with Peg Woodworth and Carey Seven, Randy Rubinstein and Carol Claypool, Greg and Diane Kampf, Forest Atkins and Mandy McCracken -Atkins and Shaun Clements and Andy Gardner.

Next up is today's chalk talk with Zeke Horowitz and the leaders, followed by a great dinner at Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  Full results are here..  Piotos for the week will all be here.


We waited out the wind as long as we could today on this beautiful 80-degree sunny day, but the wind won the day.  We started out with a respectable 17 MPH wind but the gusts were as high as 32 in the morning.  It began to lay down a bit over the next few hours to about 14-15, but the gusts were still in the 20's.  The PRO postponed until 1PM hoping we could get racing in.  Although racing might have been great, the direction of the wind and the gusts made it difficult at best to be able to get boats in and out of the water or on and off the docks.  At 1PM , racing was called off for the day and we all went off to our favorite beach, restaurants, shopping places, and some of us to Mote Aquarium to enjoy the display of marine life.  So the results remain unchanged from yesterday - hoping for racing tomorrow!


Today was expected to be a light air day, but it turned out to be a great day for racing!  With the sun only hidden by a cloud here and there and the winds from 6-12 from the East, it was so much fun being on the water today.  There were lots of shifts and if you followed them you made out well, if you didn't, you really were taking your chances.  PRO Fairlie Brinkley and team worked hard to deal with the shifts that often happened right at the start.  In the first 4-leg windward leeward race, the shift on the Championship Division start caused a postponement while the race committee waited for better conditions.  The restart resulted in a general recall, but the third time's the charm, and the race was off.  At first it looked like going left was the ticket, but then when the boats who went right met the boats on the left, they were together for the rest of the windward leg.  The Challengers managed to start without incident and right was the way to go.  Most boats went left but those who went right got to the windward mark first.  One mistake and everything changed.   

The second race was also a 4-leg windward leeward race and once again the wind shifted on the start and up went the postpone flag.  The restart was more civilized and the Championship Division was off.  The fleet split and there were lots of tacks with the shifting wind.  The Challenger Division got off without a hitch and playing the shifts was the answer once again.  The lead boats did a good job of that and were far ahead of the rest of the fleet.

After the first day the Championship Division has a 3-way 7-point tie.  After the tie-breaker, the top 5 are Zeke and Jay Horowitz, Tyler Andrews and Andy Fox, Ryan Malmgrem and Stacy Rieu, Ned Johnston and Ryan Donahue, and David Ames and P. J. Buhler.  The top 5 in the Challenger Division are Randy Rubinstein and Carol Claypool, Bill Vogler with Peg Woodworth and Carey Seven, Greg and Diane Kampf, William Schwarzschild and Mike Stephens, and  Stephen Vincent and Stephen Vincent.  There are 3 more days of racing in the series so anything can happen.  

Next up is the chalk talk with Zeke Horowitz, Tyler Andrews and Ryan Malmgren - which is always great when we hear from the leaders about what made them successful in this day's racing.  We'll follow that with a nice dinner hosted by the club.  Thanks again to Sarasota Sailing Squadron for another fabulous day on the water.  Full results are here.  Photos are here.


Photo by Jim Faugust

Wow! Over 50 of the 60+ competitors registered for the 2018 Flying Scot Midwinters sailed out today for the practice race. With a southwesterly wind blowing 5-8, our PRO Fairlie Brinkley and team were able to get in a 4-leg windward-leeward race. The mark roundings were tight, the fleet was pretty close. In the end Zeke and Jay Horowitz led the way to the finish with the rest of us not too far behind. The Charlie Fowler trophy for the top 3 finishers in a fleet goes to Sarasota Sailing Squadrons own fleet 36, WIth Zeke Horowitz 1st, Bob Twinem 2nd and Ro Pletsch 3rd.   Next up is a chalk talk featuring today;s leaders followed by the welcome party and skipper's meeting. Thanks to Sarasota Sailing Squadron for a great day on the water - especially for the beautiful sunny 80-degree day. Can't wait for the rest of the week.   Photos can be seen at http://ImageEvent.com/ericbussell/midwinters2018sunday