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This is a Digital Championship Training designed specifically for - Senior Management, Managers and Executives of Hotels, OTA’s and Airlines - For everyone who is interacting with the guests be it the GRE’s, F&B; Service Executives, Housekeeping Executives to Managers, General Managers, Owners, Travel & Tour operators, Cabin Crew etc…

Every organization has to run with its Senior, Middle and Junior management aligned together, this same logic applies for the Digital Marketing of the brand. You will be amazed to see how Hotels / OTAs / Airlines can enhance their visibility, engagement and revenue by involving employees working at all levels in Social Media Marketing.


If you are looking at:

  • Increasing Occupancy
  • Guest Retention
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Reducing third party dependency
  • Increasing Social Media Visibility

Then this training is for you & your team!

Topics covered

For Hoteliers

  • How to increase direct bookings ?
  • How hotels Use OTA’s for maximizing their revenue ?
  • Snapchat & Instagram strategies to promote your restaurant
  • How to market your Spa online ?
  •  How your Reservation teams can unlock the hidden extra 30% revenue using DIGITAL mediums ?
  • Specialized training for staff members that can yield instant increase in direct business
  • understanding New age metrics
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FOR Travel Agents & OTA’s

  • Digital marketing training for Tour operators /travel agents/tourism boards
  • How to market your travel company to new markets by going DIGITAL ?
  • Convert LOOKERS into BOOKERS by using correct ad timings & best ad copies!
  • How to market your STORY to sell more tours online ?
  • How to target domestic audiences during off season & international audiences during holiday season ?
  • Learn the art of choosing the right online channel to market your hotel, tickets & tour product online
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FOR Airlines

  • How airlines can use social media to market new routes to their target audience ?
  • How your airline can market last minute seat sale using Facebook Live & Instagram Stories ?
  • Delivering stellar customer service & two-way engagement with flyers before, during & after the flight
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