18 Perfect DIY Snapchat Filter Makeup And Costume Tutorials For Halloween

One of the most popular costume choices for Halloween 2016 is definitely a Snapchat filter. It’s not hard to see why. Filters – with their power of giving us poreless skin and pretty makeup without us having to do anything – are the best thing about Snapchat. Using the dog filter for the 1000th time in a row and playing around with face swaps will basically never get old (I mean, it will. One day!). They also conveniently make for some really great DIY Halloween costumes. And since most of the costume is centered on makeup, it’s cheaper because you can wear items you already have in your closet. Genius!

Sure, the most popular Snapchat filters make cute costumes, like the puppy, the flower crown, and the universally adored golden butterfly filter, but the less popular options also work, and are a bit more creative and unique. These make perfect last minute costumes, or they’re great to use when you want to be dressed up but don’t want to go over the top. Check out these DIY Snapchat filter makeup and costume tutorials. Obviously make sure you get a Snapchat of yourself as a filter, too.

1. The deer filter is cute and easy, and this makeup looks so much like the filter that I thought it WAS the filter at first. Add some brown clothing and you’re good to go.


Source: Instagram


2. Remember the lace mask and red lip filter? This intricate makeup tutorial will make for a beautiful and unique costume. Pair this look with a fancy dress or ball gown for a sort of masquerade costume.


Source: YouTube


3. The Bratz doll filter is one of the easiest DIY costumes out there. You just need bright purple lipstick, three little temporary tattoos, and some white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger.


Source: Instagram


4. The melting makeup filter is definitely one of the prettiest/coolest. Mimic it on your own for a very cool costume.


Source: Instagram


5. Skip the filter altogether and do the facial recognition technology instead. You will definitely be the only one with this look! 




6. The panda filter costume only requires white and black face paint and black ears. You can wear black and white clothing to complete the look. 


Source: Seventeen


7. The unicorn rainbow filter is my personal favorite. Copy it at home with this tutorial. 


Source: OhHappyDay


8. Or stick with the classic puking rainbow makeup. I love the silver eye makeup and drawn on lashes in this tutorial.


Source: YouTube


9. Pop art always makes for an impressive Halloween costume, and this sad pop art from the Snapchat filter isn’t hard to recreate on your own.


Source: eHow


10. This is a mouse… right? Copy it on your own with a little makeup and some ears.


Source: YouTube


11. The jewel filter is so pretty! Applying the little gems will take some time, but otherwise this tutorial is super simple.


Source: YouTube


12. The flower crown filter is everything. Copy the makeup and make a crown that looks just like the one from Snapchat.


Source: eHow


13. And of course, you can never go wrong with the dog filter. This tutorial creates a makeup look that looks so similar to the filter that you’re going to shock everyone.


Source: eHow


14. Cat makeup on Halloween can be boring, but this Snapchat cat is gorgeous.


Source: Instagram


15. You can’t forget about the gold butterfly filter! Make your own butterfly headband, then add gold jewels to mimic the golden glow on Snapchat.


Source: Brydie Beauty


16. Be different from everyone and do the blue alien filter. It’s a decent amount of work, but the end result is killer.


Source: Seventeen


17. Everyone is going to be the puppy filter, but you can make yours unique by doing the white and black puppy filter.


Source: Instagram


18. Of course, you can always shun the filters altogether and just be Snapchat!



Which Snapchat filter costume is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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