SL003: Herrek - Hyenas

Format: Pro-dubbed cd-r in 7" Sleeve, edition of 50

1. Hyenas #1
2. Hyenas #2
3. Hyenas #3
4. Hyenas #4
5. Hyenas #5

Second CD-R from Herrek, a four-piece led by guitarist/vocalist Gerrit van der Scheer. Anyone familiar with the material from the recent live shows will be surprised with the dark ritualistic, industrial soundscapes found on “Hyenas”. They are exploring the darker aspects of the “Brooklyn” influence Herrek clearly has. Think of Liars’ “They were wrong... so we drowned”, Gang Gang Dance’s self titled LP and Animal Collective circa “Here comes the indian” and “Hollinndagain”. The material was improvised and recorded in one session by Gerrit and Lukas (also Luik) in a freezing cold, abandoned movie theater. Listening to this disc you can imagine they put on an old, black and white, horror movie before spitting out this stuff. Unique glance at the ongoing sonic explorations of Herrek. Limited edition of 50, handnumbered.

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