Closed Security Cabinet Emergency Session in Israel over Iranian Nuclear Program – after Attacks on Iran in Syria. Mossad: “Make War by Deception”: Netanjahus Bluff Speech. Trump Swallows Hook and Sink!

DEBKAfile (Mossad) 30 Apr. 2018: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is reported to be preparing to address the nation at 8 pm Monday night, April 30, in connection with the Iranian nuclear program. The emergency security cabinet session he called earlier in Tel Aviv ended after two hours. No communique was issued. Earlier Monday, Netanyahu talked by phone to President Donald Trump. No statement was issued after that conversation either. In the last 24 hours, tensions have escalated over unclaimed missile attacks on pro-Iranian targets in Syria.

Haaretz 30 Apr. 2018: A Syrian human rights organization said the attack had been on the home base of the 47th Brigade, at which Iranian forces are stationed, and on bases belonging to the regime of President Bashar Assad in the area of the Salhab airport, west of Hama. Several dozen people died in the attack, the group said say.

The attack apparently targeted major arms caches, including surface-to-surface missiles that Iran seeks to deploy in Syria, according to assessments.

This is probably war of Israel against Iran. It is provocation of Iran to strike back and start a full scale war drawing the US into the fray as agreed upon yesterday with US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo – and allow Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear treaty.

Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed to have proof that Iran is persuing a nuclear bomb and here. And Pres. Trump seems to believe him! This man is obsessed with the idea of having the US once again start a war for Israel.

Here is what Netanyahu showed as proof. Experts say it´s old stuff, long known ((The Daily Mail 30 April 2018).


The Daily Caller 1 May 2018


The Atlantic 30 Apr. 2018:
Netanyahu’s Bizarre PowerPoint Presentation on Iran

Israel’s leader says Iran cheated on the nuclear deal, adding doubts about the agreement’s survival. But he mostly described past programs.

Many of the slides Netanyahu showed pertained to the period from 1999 to 2003, during which the U.S. also cited evidence of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program, and after which a U.S. National Intelligence Estimate said the program had been shut down.
His main evidence that Iran had cheated on the nuclear deal was that it had not fully disclosed the details of its past nuclear programs to the IAEA, as required by the nuclear deal—though the agreement did not tie that requirement to either implementation of the deal or sanctions relief.

The Daily Mail 30 April 2018: While Netanyahu presented the information as new, the details of Project Amad were known to Western governments well before the 2015 nuclear deal, according to The Atlantic.

In 2011, the International Atomic Energy Agency published findings about Project Amad, which was shut down by the Iranians in 2003.

Federica Mogherini, the head of the European Union’s foreign policy portfolio, said that it appears Netanyahu’s presentation did not demonstrate that Iran was violating the nuclear deal.

‘What I have seen from the first reports is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has not put into question Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA commitments, meaning post-2015 nuclear commitments,’ her office said in a statement.

Let’s remember the motto of the Israeli foreign intelligence service, The Mossad.

This tells it all: The non-existing weapons of  mass destruction in  Iraq.
That Assad is called a tyrant – although according to NATO, only 10% of Syrians are against him.
That Al Qaeda shepherds could fly planes into the WTC in Afghanistan.

 And why the Mossad agents knew beforehand that the WTC were to be demolished, as they revealed on Israeli TV – and why they they jubilated: Their trick to have the US into the Middle East was succeeding – as they blamed their crime on others. Verily war- making by way of deception!

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