Last updated: 31 August, 1998


    There's only one thing worse than writing a crap game, and that's not being able to write any game at all! Yes, we all know what makes a good game, but putting it into practice yourself is a whole other story. I've spent years writing reviews for games on all sorts of platforms, but now I've changed from a critic to a developer! Hey, even I'd slate me right now, but as the selection of games below begins to increase, you'll see signs of improvement! Strictly 2D-only fare at the moment - I'll be getting a few books on linear algebra (in preparation for the plunge into 3D) sometime this winter...

    All downloads include full source (if not, the code must be a bit of a mess and I'm busy tidying it up and commenting). Feel free to mail me if you *must* have it!

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