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There are far too many Yaroze sites worth visiting for me to mention them all, but here you'll find the homepages of the more active members! Unlike most link pages, this one is updated regularly.

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Personal Yaroze Sites:

mr frosty link - Edinburgh Uni pal and creator of the wonderful Snowball Fight. Plus, excellent links and lots of handy member resources to boot! Arguably the best SCEE site, although (like myself) James doesn't have the time to update like he used to...

hxheroes.jpg (4782 bytes) - Mr Frosty's public site. Not a mirror, more a hacked-down version of his SCEE site (sorry, it doesn't have most of the good stuff). Lots of interesting public Yaroze links, though his download directories seem a bit messed up.

jim_s.gif (2228 bytes) - James Shaughnessy's site boasts an impressive selection of utilities, demos and one of the best NY games, Gravitation. Very well-commented source available for most files. Probably the most over-qualified QA bod working in the industry.

escotia.jpg (1549 bytes) - Scott Campbell's site has some handy beginner's resources, including a series of (crystal clear) sprite displaying programs. Recently, some actual games have leaked onto his site! I now owe him two pints (interest, y'see).

Robert Swan - a veritable fountain of code, and modest to boot! Rob is one of the Gods of Yaroze IMHO and has written some pretty nifty stuff (including Adventure Game) and done a lot for beginners to 3D on the Yaroze. Recently landed a job with SCEE, lucky git!

Rob Ryan - maintainer of the NYoosletter, Rob is a really enthusiastic member with a sense of humour (and more e-mail addresses than the rest of us put together). This fun site is well worth a visit - he's also another novice coder with a diary.

Steve Parnell - a very promising site from a born-again Yarozer. What an interesting life he's led, judging from his diary!

Scott Cartier - work continues on the epic Decaying Orbit! Scott's diary entries covering the game's progress - and his experiences working for VM Labs - make interesting reading, too. Proof you can hold a steady job and still be an active Yaroze member.

DEnnis Brinkhuis - maintains a useful and interesting profile list of Net Yaroze members - one of the most enthusiastic SCEE Yarozers! A public mirror (gasp!) is available here. No code, but plenty of game designs - including FreeFall (which won him his Net Yaroze).

James Chow - this site has some good resources for beginners - although JC seems to have vanished recently. Call 911!

nick.gif (2907 bytes) - please use this button to link to me (smaller 88x31 size here)!

Other useful Yaroze sites:

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