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since 14 February 2006

We have published seven books of colour pictures. These can be previewed and ordered at

The titles are:
Colour Photo Guide to CN Locomotives in 2012 - photos of all current types of CN locomotives with front, sides, rear & roof details.  80 pages.

CN & VIA Passenger trains in Nova Scotia 1972-2012 - Photographs and information on the changes over the last 40 years.  80 pages

Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway - Its operation from 1993 to 2011 with a wide variety of motive power. 80 pages

Windsor & Hantsport Railway 1994 -2010 - The operation of the railway from its inception to its closure.
80 pages

Dominion Atlantic Railway - The Final 25 years. 80 pages

Newfoundland Railway - St John's to Holyrood September 1976. 80 pages

Halifax and Southwestern Railway  Halifax to Bridgewater - The Final 25 years. 40 pages

The latest Canadian railway and locomotive news each month can be accessed on line at Canadian Railway Observations.

The Canadian Trackside Guide published annually by Bytown Railway Society, Ottawa is indispensable when railfanning in Canada.

The Railways of Canada Archive is being developed with information, articles and photos of current and former Canadian railways.

Rosters and photos of Canadian shortlines are available at Warren Hiltz's Canadian Shortline & Regional Photo Gallery.

Photos of the White Pass & Yukon Route including a few of ours are on Boerries Burkhardt's site.

A photo guide to types of North American locomotives with a few of our photos is maintained by Clint Chamberlain.

If you are interested in preserved railways in Britain visit Mark Dewell's UK Heritage Railways site

A huge collection of British and Continental pictures including about 400 of ours exists at the Railfan Europe Picture Gallery

Information and our photos of the British Post Office's narrow gauge, automated, underground railway in London, England are at Colin Karslake's pages.

Videoclips of railroading events I have filmed.

All photos are copyright Pat and David Othen unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use our photos on a website or for any other purpose, whether for profit or not, please request permission by e-mailing us at

Photos will be added and changed as time permits. Generally a larger photograph is available by clicking on the smaller.

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Operating Steam Engines 
rescan 17 March 2012

Cab Interiors

redone 23 March 2012

CN F units

CP F units

General Electric Locos 
in 1990s

Old liveries

Rare locomotives

Mainline Freight in NS 
NEW 5 March 2012

CN & CP Branchlines
rescan 10 March 2012

CN & CP Switching 
NEW 13 March 2012

CN & VIA Passenger

NEW 7 March 2012

Shortline & Industrial Operations in Nova Scotia
redone 15 March 2012
Includes: Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway,
Windsor and Hantsport Rwy., National and Fundy Gypsum,
Trenton Car Works,
Sydney Steel Corp (SYSCO),

Cape Breton Development Corporation (DEVCO).

Railroading in PEI.
NEW 25 March 2012

NEW 24 March 2012

Nova Scotia's Railway Heritage
Photos and visitor information about railway heritage sites in Nova Scotia.

Newfoundland Railway in the St.John's area
redone 18 March 2012

BC Rail 
NEW 22 March 2012

CP in Alberta & Saskatchewan

We have received many requests for prints of our photos; click here for further information on availability.

We have 25 digitally-edited DVDs of which 14 are  available in High Definition AVCHD DVD-R format. Click here for information and to view video clips.

Photos & video of 1100, 1600, 1900 & 1400 series

including a cab ride on Montreal Maine & Atlantic

Following the Thompson River - CN, CP & Rocky Mountaineer alongside lakes & in desert canyons from Kamloops to Lytton

VIA's OCEAN 1991 - 2012 Views from the dome car & lineside between Halifax & Montreal and changes in the equipment over time.

100th Anniversary of 1009 - The last steam locomotive to operate in New Brunswick is seen at SHRR (1983 to 1998).

CB&CNS on mainland Nova Scotia   MLW: C-630M & RS-18s; GM: F40PH-2, GP9, GP9-4, GP15, GP38-2, GP40, GP40-2L(W), SD40-2, SD45-2s and an MPI GP20D.

Urban Rail in Chicago & Seattle September 2010

WHRC's B23-7s  In 2010 WHRC purchased two ex Conrail B23-7s. These only operated for a few months.

MONTANA RAIL LINK from Missoula to Laurel May 2010 includes locals helpers and remotes.

BNSF's MARIAS PASS May 2010  includes Amtrak's Empire Builder, Directors Special, FRA Safety train and freights.

MARITIME TRAINS Volume 1  - views of and from the Ocean & Chaleur, a visit to the IRSI shops, CB&CNS SD45-2s, CN Test Track Evaluation car, WHRC & Fundy Gypsum.

ALASKA RAILROAD SCENERY & WILDLIFE May 2009- all operational locomotive types; incredible scenery and wildlife.

WHRC in the WINTER - trains, derailments and ploughs in winter 2008.

RIDING VIA's SKEENA - Jasper to Prince George & back in winter 2007.

CANADIAN TRAINS Volume 2 - a selection of remastered scenes.

VIA's Railfan trips to MONTREAL - inside VIA's Maintenance Centre and Canada-Allied Diesel Also some Montreal trains.

CN & CP in Central Alberta - CN & CP mainline and branchline freights in February 2008.

TRAINS to the ANNAPOLIS VALLEY - six freights (including the last) in the very picturesque Annapolis Valley (NS).

TRAINS IN NEW BRUNSWICK & GASPÉ Volume 3 - freight trains & the Acadian tourist train on  New Brunswick Southern.

TRAINS IN NEW BRUNSWICK & GASPÉ Volume 2 - freight trains on the Van Buren Bridge Co. & on the CN lines including the spectacular trestles.

CN & VIA GOING WEST - Halifax to Moncton - filmed between 1992 & 2005, over 65 trains at more than 50 locations.

TRAINS IN NEW BRUNSWICK & GASPÉ Volume 1 -  passenger & NBEC freight trains on the picturesque line to Gaspé and on the main line to Moncton. 

CP in Southern Alberta May 2005 - breathtaking views and stunning sounds of CP Hudson 2816 in the mountains. Also CP diesel locos including on the mile long Lethbridge Trestle.

CB&CNS in Cape Breton - main line freights with C-630Ms, GP50s & SD45s; local freights with RS-18, GP18, GP15 & GP9-4s. The lakes & trestles  from lineside and from VIA's  Bras d'Or.
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