Favorite Hobby

Cooking! It's so much fun to experiment and create new flavors, plus I just really like to eat.

Favorite Snack

FountainDew (Mountain Dew from a fountain machine)

When I was little, I wanted to be a . . . 

A lawyer, I loved investigating and solving problems!

Best Part About My Job

TSF really does care so deeply about our customers; everything we do is for our customers first.

I am most proud of . . .

My husband, anything that man sets his mind to, he will accomplish. He has no quit in him!

In my free time . . .

Cook for my entire family. There are 23 people in my immediate family. Thanksgiving is my Super Bowl!

Something People Don't Know About Me

I am not a natural blonde. :)

What would most people be shocked to know you do really well?

I can still pull off a mean cartwheel from my old gymnastics days. 

Sara Zacharias-Bentele

Product Marketing Manager

Employee Since

November 2015


Phone: 605.336.3080
Toll-Free: 800.353.3080


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