1. Mcfrank


    Best box art I have seen in awhile. Screenshots all look like they have the sharpness turned up to max though. It is a strange effect I do not really like.
  2. Dr. Caroll

    Dr. Caroll

    It kinda looks like TAA with an overbearing sharpening filter, kinda like the default settings for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided... Considering the console version of Mankind Divided didn't let you turn that off, one hopes they haven't made the same mistake here.
  3. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts

    Do we know what time is the reveal?
  4. daniel77733


    Anyone know how long the reveal will be tomorrow?
  5. il Diavolo

    il Diavolo

    Nice to see the key art used for the game's reveal on the box. Looks great.
  6. dreamfall


    Damn I really wish they would’ve live-streamed the event! The one in L.A. is also about to begin?
  7. Vex


    that face reveal

    there she goes again... being all hot.
  8. Lara Croft has never been a lesbian.. Why should that change now? They have made here almost asexual in the reboot though.
  9. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    Some posts ITT are so ridiculous. We got a dude calling reboot Lara ugly, when she looks like this:

    another dude calling her masculine because apparently he forgot how muscles work , and now you're saying she's almost asexual?
  10. J_Viper


    Having anyone responsible for Thief 2014 on board for this has me nervous. I hope they end this trilogy strong, as the first two are among my all time favorites

    The box art is stellar
  11. X1 Two

    X1 Two

    If you ever wondered how many people on message boards have actually been with a real woman, now you know.
  12. They're still calling her an archaeologist, huh.
  13. Not asexual but the games do never actually touch on romances for her, which is fine, mind you.

    Although she's yet another example of another female protagonist "not allowed" to have romances, I guess, just so it does not invalidate (male) gamers' sense of "ownership" towards her character.
  14. I meant her personality not her looks. Not a hint of romance. Her character is model smoking hot IMO.

    You get it. I was actually thinking that might be the reason she has no trace of a love interest.
  15. TheBeardedOne


    Just give it to me now. Please. I just need this and Spider-Man.
  16. Hupsel


    Lara ugly? Lol. Reboot Lara is honestly one of the most beautiful characters this gen, they did a great job with her (before and after the updated version, both are good).
  17. henhowc


    poor hacker nathan drake never had a chance

  18. Derrick01


    Yeah there won't be any complaints from me lol
  19. This gave me a chuckle.
  20. A lot of people, and I do mean a lot of people viewed her interaction with Sam in TR as possibly something more. It would be interesting seeing how the devs would handle that since Sam is coming back.

    Also, this will not happen, but I would really love if Lara and Jonas hooks up, hahaha.

    Poor bastard. Well at least he has the distinction of being the only man ever kissed by Lara in the whole reboot series, lol.
  21. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    There are countless male centered stories where romance is not at all a part of it. Lara's story is not about romance, just like how a character like Moana's story is not about romance and that's ok. It's not that she isn't allowed to have a male love interest.

    There's nothing asexual about her personality.
  22. Did I say it's not okay? I even said in my post that it's fine for her not having any romance.

    In any event, female leads not getting any romance is a usual trope in video games. If I have to take a gander on the general reason, like I said, most probably it's just to protect male gamers' sense of ownership towards their characters. Maybe CD knowingly/unknowingly realizes that as well, maybe? I don't know, you don't know, it's just a guess anyways.
  23. Does Lara have love interests in any of her older games?
  24. dreamfall



    Sometimes, you just got to die trying to get a set of tools.

    Please, for the love of everything, get a good writing team!
  25. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    At the end of the day it's up to the writer, considering that Square signed off on LiS & it's prequel I don't think they have a problem with female leads who have romance. Not like that situation back when Remember Me was in development.
    • User Warned : Sexist joke.
    She would absolutely be one of those wives that don't like sex. Like a dead fish!
  26. Well, in particular to Lara, I very much doubt the devs would actually put forth any sort of romance with her because of her highly iconic status. But we'll see.

    If they are bold enough to put her in a romance with a character, I would take a guess that that character would be killed off in the same game, hahah.
  27. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross

    The image actually does seem to be a 3D render, it's more obvious in the high resolution versions of the key art released a month ago.
  28. Sub Level

    Sub Level

    The devs' most recent game was Mankind Divided which was superb.

    I expect Shadow of the Tomb Raider to have fun stealth.
  29. dreamfall


    That is definitely what I'm hoping for. I also think maybe they've learned from some of their Deus Ex brilliance with hub design to make exploration even better. I'm excited for the new puzzle mechanics and I hope the writing team is really strong.
  30. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    You have some deep seated issues if this is the impression Lara Croft gives you as a result of her story not being about romance.

    I think you're reading a bit too much into it.
  31. J_Viper


    MD is one of my favorite games this gen, but I'm not sure if it's specifically that team working on this game
    Has that been confirmed?
  32. Nah, if anything you're just being too serious about it, seeing how you responded dead serious to a clear joke by that dude.
  33. Sub Level

    Sub Level

    Good question. I imagine there's gonna be some overlap there. Some Mankind Divided vets are working on Tomb Raider and some are working on Avengers. Just speculation tho.
  34. Jerykk


    I'm not sure why you'd want there to be romances in the first place. 99% of the time, romances feel tacked on. My ideal TR game is one where Lara just explores vast tombs/temples/ruins by herself. No enemies, just platforming and puzzle-solving.
  35. I guess I am just a hopeless romantic at heart, and I do love my romances in fiction. Is that not a good enough reason?

    And it's not like I ever said I would mind TR not having any romance. Did I ever say I'd mind?
  36. I was joking. I'm not reading that much into it.
  37. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden

    Poe's law.
  38. Soulstar


    I was kind of interested hearing that Sam was coming back but now I hear she isn't so now I am sad. :(
  39. NeoKnight


    The third entry in this TR series reboot, which previous two games have been my GOTYs in 2013 and 2015 (I consider them both 10/10 games, so expect nothing less from this third game).

    So without a doubt a day one buy already, don't even need to see a trailer cause I was sold as soon as it was official. And it looks amazing from screenshots, so already all in.
  40. Huh? Is she or is she not, actually?
  41. Nakenorm


    I'll have to wait and see on this one. The earlier games got glowing reviews but just didn't click with me at all, which is a shame because Uncharted is one of my favorite series and I would really like something that scratches that itch.
  42. I was hoping Sam would return as well.
  43. NeoRaider

    Member OP

  44. Plumpbiscuit

    Banned Member

    So I was right, the season pass is gonna be some crappy 1 hour tombs... not 1 gigantic expansion like TR 1-3. Every prediction of mine about this game is coming true, unfortunately.
  45. Fahzzy


    I'm playing it for the first time and man...this game is straight up dumb as shit. The characters are so stupid and the plot is so hilariously goofy.

    But it's somehow fun.
  46. ArchedThunder


    " in this adventure that will trace the crucial moment when she will become Tomb Raider ..."

    Wait... she's still not the "Tomb Raider"? We're 3 games in and she's not the title yet?
    When will she be considered the "Tomb Raider"? When she finally starts dual wielding pistols and fighting dinosaurs?
  47. Plumpbiscuit

    Banned Member

    You know they aren't gonna give her her dual pistols, backpack, braided ponytail, etc. They're gonna announce another trilogy lol
  48. ShinySunny


    Is that Far Cry primal tattoo power on her arm?
  49. NeoRaider

    Member OP

    Some of the leaked screenshots really do look great. Other look meh and similar to Rise.

    I am not a fan of that weird sharpening. It reminds me of what EM was doing with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.