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Nationwide, the average bootcamp graduate receives a salary increase of 38%. Junior developers in Boise typically make between $45,000 and $60,000, and Glassdoor lists the average salary for Boise-based software developers at over $81,000.

1,500,000+ jobs

By 2022, there are expected to be at least 1.5 million unfilled software jobs.

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What We Do

BoiseCodeWorks is the top choice for anyone wanting to learn current coding languages. We pride ourselves on teaching developers to think like engineers by instilling a strong working knowledge of code and its methodologies. BoiseCodeWorks provides students the opportunity to learn and study in a team environment that simulates the current industry standards. Student teams are guided by an industry professional who knows and understands the needs of their profession. We carefully build our curriculum to ensure that our students are learning the technology stacks they will be using when they step into their first job.

We offer multi-week, intensive courses that teach students the most modern, in-demand tech skills. With our career assistance most of our graduates find employment shortly after completing their course. We, combine computer science, application development, and real world projects to give students the insight of the work they will be performing post-graduation. This intense, short-term education model is incredibly powerful and a fraction of the cost of traditional educational approaches.

Students graduate prepared to offer employers competent coding skills and knowledge from day one.

Discover our Courses

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Immersive Full Stack

The full-time experience designed for students looking to jumpstart a career in programming. Build an impressive portfolio and gain the skills of a professional developer.

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Foundations of Web Development

Designed to accommodate different schedules, our after hours class schedule ensures students learn the skills necessary to get started as developers while maintaining their current work schedule.

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Back End with .NET C#

Master the industry's most popular Back End language through Game development. Nevermind the boring Back End courses you see elsewhere, CodeWorks is the only bootcamp to offer advanced C# training by building Virtual Reality Applications.


Attend a Workshop

Wondering if Development is right for you? Get your feet wet with any of our Workshops, where you can learn anything from Micro-Controllers to Virtual Reality.

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How We Work

Job Prep & Mentorship

Our Mentor-to-Student ratio is one of the best in the industry. Students receive direct guidance from experienced professionals. We also emphasize portfolio development, interview prep and soft skills so graduates are ready to enter the workforce immediately.

Affordable Tuition & Financing Options

Our tuition is far more affordable than the national average, and we offer payment plans and financing. Our campus is located in the heart of the Treasure Valley, accessible from Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, and Caldwell.

Matt Overall

"From day one, our students are working with code. Our accelerated courses are designed to grow passion for development."

- Matthew Overall, CTO

Upcoming Bootcamps

Get Prepared for a course by completing our , and reduce your course tuition by up to $500

Start-End Dates Course Availability
Jun 25, 2018 - Sep 20, 2018 Evening Web Dev
10 Seats
Jul 23, 2018 - Oct 19, 2018 Immersive Full Stack Summer 2018
11 Seats

What our students say


CodeWorks prepared me very well to get my current job as a developer. After graduation I had multiple job offers. It really helped me change my life.

- Sara | Hired by Klowd


I learned a multitude of technical and soft skills while taking the course, all of which I utilize in my day to day work. If I hadn't gone to CodeWorks, I'd still be at my dead end job doing work that I hated and wondering what could've been. CodeWorks allowed me to follow my dream.

- Zach | Hired by Vynyl


My experience was fantastic. The instructors are knowledgeable, my classmates have become fast friends, and the material covered is relevant and engaging.

- Emily | Hired by Ria Fox


I learned more at CodeWorks in 12 weeks than I did in 4 years of traditional university.

- Kenny | Hired by Armgasys

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