170 - Thomas Westbrook from the Holy Koolaid YouTube Channel

September 1st, 2017


FINALLY! Sheesh!


Did you miss us? It's been nearly two  weeks since we posted a show. This would have come out earlier, but Dan had an editing snag that cost him an entire day. At least a lesson was hammered home yet again.  C'est la vie...


Dan met Thomas Westbrook at the 2017 American Atheists convention in South Carolina. He's a great guy who owns the Holy Koolaid channel on YouTube. It's full of wonderful educational videos surrounding skepticism and atheism, each one presented in a condensed, easy to understand, bite-sized piece. You should definitely check it out!


Also in this episode: 

  • Dan recaps #AACON17
  • More from the Trump Tweet Translator
  • Hang onto your hats & kiss your favorite Christian goodbye, because the rapture is happening next month!
  • Friend of the show and repeat guest, Taylor Grin, is starting an exciting new project with a friend
  • Paul Manafort's worries pile up, but won't Trump just pardon him?
  • PATRONS ONLY - Richard Spencer stayed at Trump Tower while planning his participation in the Charlottesville demonstration
  • PATRONS ONLY - Dan totally blows it on the question of whether Trump can fire Pence
  • PATRONS ONLY - Former CIA Director Brennan is concerned about the lack of response to meddling in our election process
  • PATRONS ONLY - As most of Australia becomes less religious, their Parliament becomes moreso 
  • PATRONS ONLY - We learn that Ryan doesn't know what menses is
  • PATRONS ONLY - Yahoo! Answers on what Trump has done to improve the lives of people who voted for him

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